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‘Humph! If they discover us, at worst, we will just return into the ghost mist. Despite not being able to match Nascent Soul cultivators in direct battle, who can match the escape methods of us Ghost Dao cultivators?’ The resounding man’s voice spoke with rejection.

'What do you know? There are at least four Nascent Soul cultivators here, and they all have magic treasures and divine abilities that are particularly effective in restraining our Ghost Dao techniques. If you want to die, don’t involve me. Else, I’ll be forced to break our agreement and exterminate you here.” The youthful Bone Sage rebuked with an icy voice.

‘There is no need for Old Brother Bone Sage to be so angry! I won’t mention it again. However, you cannot renege on our agreement to find a suitable living body. Why else would I have given you a trace of my soul essence and willingly allowed you to leave the ghost mist!’ This person seemed fearful of the Bone Sage’s rage, but in the end, he couldn’t help but remind the Bone Sage of their agreement.

‘Don’t worry. Since I need your help to deal with my traitorous disciple Zenith Yin, I will get you a physical body before I act. Furthermore, as fellow sufferers that were forced to cultivate the Ghost Dao, how could I possibly renege on our agreement?’ The Bone Sage indifferently said.

‘Hehe! Your words have truly put me at ease.’ After that was said, the resounding voice disappeared from the Bone Sage’s mind.

The Bone Sage sighed with relief and and sat against a small tree before dozing off.

After some time had passed, an increasing number of cultivators left the ghost mist with increasingly heavier damage. Quite a number of them had even sustained great injuries to their Origin Qi that would require many years of dedicated treatment, else their cultivation level would suffer as a result. But even in this sorry state, they all wore expressions of unconcealable happiness. After all, so long as they passed the ghost mist trial, they would still be able to acquire a few rarely seen spiritual medicines.

After about seventy more cultivators arrived at the garden, the rate of new arrivals greatly decreased. In the coming day, only a sparse few cultivators had arrived.

The youth that had accompanied Fairy Violet Spirit at the beginning was amongst them. His clothes were damaged and his face was pale as if he had suffered through hardships on the way there.

Upon entering the garden, the youth swept his gaze past the garden and revealed worry upon seeing that Fairy Violet spirit wasn’t there. His expression was indecisive.

At that moment, Grandmaster Zenith Yin and the Bone Sage both became uneasy upon seeing that Han Li had yet to arrive.

The Bone Sage was the calmer of the two. Although he felt irritation, his face still maintained peacefulness. However, Grandmaster Zenith Yin was unable to endure. He occasionally opened his eyes and gloomily swept his gaze past the ghost mist, unable to calm

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