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Han Li gave the cranes a mere glance before continuing along his way, paying no further attention to them.

But as Han Li continued on his path, the divine melodies descending from the sky gradually increased in intensity. The white cranes that had been dancing in the air abruptly flew to both sides of the corridor and spread their wings with a long cry.

A short moment later, amidst the divine melodies, the cranes spun several times before transforming into young women in palace dresses.

These young women appeared to be only eighteen years of age and were astoundingly beautiful and full of youthful vigor. They smiled towards Han Li with bright eyes that were filled with affection as if he were their beloved sweetheart and then swung their slender waists with a flexibility that made them appear boneless.

At that moment, the divine sounds changed, becoming soft and tender like the caress of a lover. The very air was filled with the sensation of passionate romance, unwillingly bringing forth emotion within even those who have long buried them deep within their hearts.

When Han Li heard these new sounds, his expression changed for a moment before he immediately steeled his heart and continued on his way, pointedly ignoring the the sweet nothings whispered by the young women.

After walking about a hundred meters, Han Li heard a sudden change in tone causing the melodies to contain feelings of grief and sadness.

The young women’s expressions transformed with the melodies, and their dancing halted. Each of their faces held immense sadness as they gazed at Han Li with extreme grief, as if he were a heartbreaking ingrate. Anyone who gazed upon the women would feel immense heartache and compassionate affection.

“Interesting!” Han Li smiled and walked from side to side, appreciating the saddened expressions of the young women as if he were watching an interesting play.

Han Li clearly understood that since the Boundary of Fantastical Illusion followed after the Paths of Ice and Fire, there were certain to be more than these mere tricks.

As expected, after seeing that this was unable to stop Han Li, the divine melodies shifted to subtly invoke lust. At that same moment, the young women aged by several years with a flash of light, each of them now appearing as curvaceous beauties in their prime.

With flushed complexions, the peerless beauties’ eyes fluttered with enticing passion as they took off their muslin dresses. Along with the seductive moans leaving their small red mouths and the demonic lust-provoking sounds being emitted by the sky, it was more than enough to drive any man mad with temptation.

Han Li was stunned. But after circulating the Great Development Technique once through his body, he immediately regained his calm.

Even if a master of bewitchment techniques were to assault Han Li with full force as he was now, Han Li wouldn’t be fazed in the slightest. In comparison to such an event, these cr

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