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During the last two years, Han Li had left seclusion several times to replenish his puppet crafting materials. Because he had been such a big spender during these trips, many store owners had become quite familiar with his face. After acquiring the information he wanted from the shopkeepers with a few inquiries, Han Li went to a bookstore called the White Gate Pavilion.

As expected, the store contained collections of information on all of the demon beasts currently known in the Scattered Star Seas. Han Li’s spirits were roused and he acquired a copy of this information for over a thousand spirit stones. As for the information on the Demon Beast Islands in the Outer Star Seas, Han Li found it in an unremarkable small store.

Since his objectives had been achieved, Han Li intended to return to his cave dwelling, but on the way back, he came across a shop that specialized in selling storage pouches and spirit beast pouches.

Currently, he carried far too many items on his person. With his two hundred puppet beasts occupying four of his storage pouches, he found it inconvenient to use them. Furthermore, since he planned to go out to sea to hunt demon beasts, he would need more space to collect their valuable body parts in addition to their demon cores. It would be far too wasteful to just throw them away, so it was only natural that he’d want to prepare a few storage pouches with a larger capacity.

An hour later, Han Li left the shop feeling slight heartache after having spent over a thousand spirit stones on two high capacity storage pouches. Since they had nearly ten times the capacity of his previous storage pouches, they should prove to be sufficient.

Afterwards, Han Li passed by the “Lavish Cheer Auction House”, the top ranked auction in Heavenly Star City, and couldn’t help but take a look inside.

The details of the items up for auction left Han Li feeling truly covetous. Not only were there grade six demon cores, but they also had high grade materials for magic treasure refinement, not to mention many rare goods that he had never heard of before.

Unfortunately, while the items in this auction were good, cultivators such as Han Li, with only a few thousand spirit stones on hand, couldn’t afford to buy anything. This was because after any rare items entered an auction hall, their price would likely increase by over half the original value.

Spirit herbs that were over a thousand years old were rare and could be auctioned off at a high price, but Han Li didn’t wish to attract any problems. After all, he may feel as if he was lacking spirit stones, but it wasn’t to the stage where he was at a desperate level of poverty. As such, it would be better to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

After glancing at the overly expensive auctioned goods, Han Li returned to his cave residence.

A month later, Han Li had finished getting all of his affairs in order. During that time, he had particularly studied the properties and

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