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Han Li’s calm voice sounded out from behind the other cultivators, “Is this Sevenglow Lotus very famous? Does it have any particular uses?”

Upon hearing him, cultivator Jian and the others sobered up and felt their hearts tremble. They unnaturally turned their gazes to Han Li.

They had all witnessed the power of his Gold Devouring Beetles while they were fighting together, and now they feared that they wouldn’t prove to be his match. Now that such a precious item had appeared, they unconsciously felt unease.

Even Jin Qing, who had implored him to come here, revealed a trace of unease.

Upon seeing these people’s expressions, Han Li was able to roughly tell what they were thinking. A wry smile flashed through his eyes.

However, he quickly concealed this and asked with an unknowing expression, “The name of this Sevenglow Lotus is quite peculiar! I’ve read through quite a few records, but I haven’t the slightest idea what it is.”

The other cultivators looked at each other. Hu Yue let out a dry cough before giving Han Li an explanation with a smile, “It seems that Fellow Daoist Han has spent most of his time in secluded cultivation and rarely deals with external matters. The name of this Sevenglow Lotus won’t be found in Spirit Herb Records as its name is only passed down through oral legends. It is said that it would be able to bring mortals back to life and can regrow the flesh from just bones. When cultivators take it, it is said to be able to raise one’s cultivation by an entire grade. This is an immortal item from legends!”

Upon finishing his explanation, Hu Yue was showing inconcealable excitement despite looking at Han Li with a trace of vigilance.

Han Li squinted his eyes and spoke with slight disbelief, “Is it really so miraculous? Is it even true?”

“We have no idea as nobody we know has seen a Sevenglow Lotus before. We didn’t even believe such an item existed until today. However, it is certain that there are cultivators that will spend a great amount of spirit stones for it.” Hu Yue spoke with a chuckle.

“So it was like that!” Han Li indifferently nodded his head and shifted his attention to the flawless white skeleton lying on the floor with an interested expression.

Seeing that Han Li was unconcerned and didn’t appear interested in monopolizing the rewards, the others let out a breath of relief.

“Fellow Daoist Jian, how about you go and collect the Sevenglow Lotus? After we auction it, let’s evenly split the spirit stones. Fairy Shi, we’ll have to trouble you to look for any formation spell restrictions near the pond.” Hu Yue gave a meaningful glance at cultivator Jian and Shi Die.

After taking a thoughtful look at Han Li, they agreed.

Having felt that Han Li was far too strong, they united together with a feeling of suspicion towards Han Li.

After Jin Qing heard this, his face revealed a trace of hesitation as if he wanted to say something. But after some thought, he decided

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