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As Han Li was basking in joy, he became somewhat curious. If he were to continue to mature the Gold Lightning Bamboo, what transformation would occur?

With that in mind, Han Li continued to drop the green liquid on the bamboo for several more months but neither its power nor its appearance had changed. Even its height had stayed entirely the same without growing even a single iota. However, during this time, a young bamboo sprout began to grow at its side.

Soon after dripping more of the green liquid on it, the young sprout grew more and more. After several months, a new complete stalk of Heaven Lightning Bamboo had grown, appearing to be exactly the same as the original.

Han Li was overly joyous as the development.

To tell the truth, the original stalk of Heaven Lightning Bamboo was barely enough to refine even a set of twelve Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords. But now that he knew that the green liquid could produce young bamboo shoots, his dire shortage of raw materials was now completely settled.

However, this only caused Han Li’s ambitions to grow even larger.

Without having to worry anymore about a lack of the core material, Han Li would no longer be limited to a set of twelve flying swords. He was now inspired to refine the greatest number of Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords, a full set of seventy two.

Although an early Core Formation cultivator lacked the magic power needed to refine and control such a large amount of flying swords all at once, Han Li wasn't in a rush. He could just slowly refine them one set at a time in accordance with his cultivation.

In any case, so long as the flying swords belonged to the same set, he could store them into his body as a single magic treasure. He would also have no problem using each of the swords separately.

With that thought in mind, Han Li’s heart blazed with fervent desire and he started to consider whether or not he was capable of this.

The greatest problem when refining a set of magic treasures was the differences in each treasure’s core material and the difficulty of success during refinement. But with limitless amounts of Heaven Lightning Bamboo, these issues posed no problem.

What followed next with regards to his refinement were the preparations of the supplementary materials.

He had long prepared the supplementary materials. Fortunately, refining a set of seventy-two swords would consume the same amount of supplementary materials as refining a set of twelve, so he didn’t have to go look for more. Now he only had to worry about his significant lack of ability for refining magic treasures.

He didn’t even have any experience in the field of tool refinement. This wouldn’t raise any problems if he were refining a common magic treasure; he would still be able to easily succeed. However, the process of refining even a single one of the Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords was much more complex than refining a common magic treasure.

In addition, each individual flying

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