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“Elder Zhao, sorry for the long wait! This is Senior Han, the owner of those demon beast materials!” After entering the room, Fan Jingmei spoke to the grey-clothed old man with a respectful tone.

The grey-clothed old man replied, “Oh, so it’s Fellow Daoist Han! Please, sit. This old man just steeped a pot of ice-cloud spirit tea. Please, have a taste.”

Han Li frowned. There was nothing odd about the old man’s appearance apart from unusually red cheeks, as if he had just recovered from a grave illness. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat puzzled.

His current spiritual sense was far stronger than cultivators of the same rank. In an instant, he was able to see that the old man was an early Core Formation cultivator. Han Li didn’t say anything in refusal and bluntly took a seat across from the old man. Han Li indifferently stared at the old man as he poured a cup of fragrant tea, but didn’t move to take it.

Han Li didn’t mean to slight the old man as he was acting out of habitual carefulness. He definitely wasn’t going to drink something from an unfamiliar place.

The old man didn’t reveal any displeasure at Han Li’s cautious actions. Instead, he faintly smiled and poured himself a cup, placing all other matters to the back of his head for that instant.

“Senior Han! We’ve come to find you on behalf of the Exquisite Sound Sect to purchase all of your remaining demon beast materials. Let’s discuss the price.” Just as Fan Jingmei sat down, she gently spoke to Han Li with a dainty composure.

How could Han Li easily admit to still having many rare materials despite not knowing their intentions? After some calm thought about what they had said, Han Li decided to block them for the time being, “It is true that I had previously acquired quite a few demon beast materials. However, I have just sold my last batch. I fear I that must disappoint you.”

When Lady Fan heard Han Li’s refusal, she sweetly smiled and softly spoke with a hint of laughter, “It seems Senior Han wishes to fool us. Although our sect doesn’t know how many demon beast materials you have, we are certain that it’s a large amount. Otherwise, Senior Han wouldn’t have so carefully sought out small, travelling merchants to sell them to. In addition, every transaction was done in very small amounts, and you look for a different buyer every time.”

“Had our sect not happened to be gathering related materials, it’s likely we wouldn’t have discovered something was amiss. Senior sure is scared of having his wealth exposed! If this is the case, Senior Han can dispel those fears. Although our sect isn’t some sort of superpower, our sect holds quite a positive reputation in the Scattered Star Seas. If Senior were to sell all the materials to us, it would save us the trouble of repeatedly purchasing them from small merchants!”

The woman spoke with a beaming smile and a calm appearance. However, Han Li’s eyes coldly glinted, and he slightly scowled. Finding out you had

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