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The night quietly passed by.

Just as dawn broke, the cultivators silently appeared above the evil cultivators’ lair.

“It’s here?” Fairy Violet Spirit looked down at the small black island beneath her with confusion. The island was truly small and it only had a radius of about two kilometers. It would be more accurate to call this a huge reef.

“That’s right. Not only have the Golden Cicada Wasps arrived at this location, but the two elders have also confirmed it. Those evil cultivators are here.” Lady Fan softy said.

The violet-clothed woman then silently nodded her head and no longer held doubt.

However, this place was obviously a temporary hideout. Not only was the island pathetically small, but there was only an extremely simple illusion formation placed down that was basically worthless.

“Kill without hesitation!” After Fairy Violet Spirit coldly shouted her command, Eccentric Scarletflame’s bewildering laugh echoed out of his black cloud, easily wiping out their pathetic formation with resounding bolts of lighting. Afterwards the other cultivators bluntly rushed down.

The sound of their formation breaking had obviously alerted the people below.

Several sharp whistles sounded out from below. Fifty streaks of radiance flourished out, and a large number of cultivators met their advance. The three Core Formation cultivators leading them were surprised to see the Exquisite Sound Sect. But without waiting for their reply, Lady Fan yelled, “Strike!” She then released a silver wheel magic tool and took the initiative to attack.

When the other cultivators saw this, they bluntly followed her lead and attacked.

The sky was suddenly filled with flashes of radiance and deafening whistles.

Since Han Li was acting under the intention of acquiring the Heaven Lightning Bamboo, he naturally found it embarrassing to stay idle. As a result, he and Crooked Soul casually took out their magic treasures and tied down five Foundation Establishment cultivators, preparing to eliminate them in one blow.

As two Core Formation cultivators, they should’ve been able to easily deal with a small group of Foundation Establishment cultivators. However, something shocking had occurred.

When the five Foundation Cultivators discovered that two Core Formation cultivators were attacking them, their clothes were ripped away to reveal fiend demons. Han Li was shocked to the point that his eyes had nearly fallen out of his head despite having seen them before.

But even with their greatly increased cultivation and speed, Han Li was no longer a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator. They only managed to resist for a few moments more before Han Li and Crooked Soul turned them to ash with their magic treasures.

At this point, Han LI had discovered that their fiend demon transformations were different from that of the Black Fiend School. Not only did their transformations not require an incantation or cocoon, but an elemental

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