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Fewer and fewer cultivators arrived until many days later when the gradual flow ceased.

However, Grandmaster Zenith Yin and the old Confucian scholar were sitting in silence with solemn expressions. They would occasionally sweep their gaze across the room as if they were waiting for something.

‘Could they be waiting for Man Huzi?” Han Li naturally noticed this and was very curious. As such, he also kept an eye out.

When afternoon arrived, footsteps could be heard from the entrance of the hall. With several flashes of blue radiance, two people walked into the hall one at a time. One of them was an old Daoist with a reddish complexion, and the other was an old man dressed as a farmer with a bitter expression on his thin, dark face.

After these two appeared, the cultivators in the hall became restless. A majority of people looked at the two with a trace of respect.

It seemed these two were quite famous.

Grandmaster Zenith Yin and the old Confucian scholar looked at them with ill intent. Grandmaster Zenith Yin’s expression was particularly harsh.

The two newly arrived experts returned the other party’s hostile gazes upon seeing them. The old Daoist snorted and said, “Old Devil Zenith Yin! You’ve arrived quite early. It seems you of the Devil Dao are quite determined to come out on top during this Heavenvoid Hall.”

“Tian Wuzi

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