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After the formation flags and plates were appropriately arranged, Han Li took a deep breath and was about to cast a technique before being interrupted by the sounds of whistles coming from the horizon. A blue radiance flashed through the horizon followed by a blue streak resembling a flood dragon quickly flying across the ocean. In the blink of an eye, it arrived above them.

Once the light faded away, an eccentric wearing dual swords on his back was revealed.

Upon seeing his appearance, the others were startled. Above them hovered a shriveled and thin figure, with a red, rash covered face, and fierce, triangular eyes framed by long, messy white hair. This odd looking man wore a black short sleeved shirt with a strange flower basket hanging from his waist. From his Spiritual Qi fluctuations, it appeared he was a mid Core Formation cultivator.

After getting a clear view of the area, the eccentric was surprised to see so many Core Formation cultivators. But after his gaze fell onto the red light barrier and Han Li’s formation setup tools, his expression greatly changed.

“Are you Juniors seeking death? You dare to take advantage of this island lord’s absence to pry into his project? Hurry up and get off this island!” The eccentric yelled with an ominous glare.

“Island lord?”

“This is yours?”

Hu Yue and Jin Qing looked at one another for a moment while Han Li and the others were at an even greater loss.

This wasn’t an uninhabited island?

Hu Yue frowned and calmly asked, “Fellow Daoist is the lord of this island?”

“Obviously! I have already been this island’s lord for several hundred years.” The eccentric replied without a trace of politeness.

“That’s odd, my Brother Jin and I never caught a single glimpse of you on our last trip here!” Hu Yue stated in a calm manner.

“What? You’ve already come here once? Humph! It’s the same as the current situation. You came here while I was preoccupied with matters off the island.” The eccentric glared at them with even greater anger.

Hu Yue sneered and derisively said, “So you’re saying that you are the sole inhabitant of this island? Then your esteemed title of island lord is self conferred.”

As the restriction before him was about be eliminated, Hu Yue was unwilling to pay any attention to the eccentric before him.

“Humph! Stop equivocating! In any case, you’ve performed the grave crime of destroying these restrictions. Since you don’t wish to leave, then I will help you remain here permanently!”

Suddenly, the wicker basket on his waist turned into a streak of chilling white Qi, shooting straight towards Hu Yue.

This time, Han Li and the others were the ones to be surprised.

Had this person gone mad? Did he not see how many Core Formation cultivators they had on their side? Was his mind addled?

Hu Yue responded in furious alarm. With a wave of his sleeve two red lights shot straight towards the incoming white mist. With a muffled peng,

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