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The large, curly-bearded man waved his hand, speaking casually, “Although our Six United Palaces aren't part of the Four Elements Merchant Union, we have quite a lot of prestige in the Scattered Star Seas. These two items are rare, but they are beneath our notice. Please allow our Six United Palaces to present the Spirit Snow Ice and Liquid Heavenfire to Fellow Daoist Crooked Soul as our early congratulations for your core formation.”

Han Li didn’t feel any excitement. Instead, he inwardly frowned, refraining from having Crooked Soul take them.

‘You would give such previous items as a gift? I am not convinced there is such a great thing in this world. Since Crooked Soul is at what they call false core stage, could it be that they have hidden intentions for currying favor in such an excessive manner?’ Han Li became increasingly cautious with that in mind.

Crooked Soul then shook his head and sternly said, “That won’t do. There is no reward without cost. These two items should be sold for what they’re worth. I have the spirit stones for them! Or is there something that you two are too embarrassed to say?” After saying this, Crooked Soul revealed a mysterious smile.

Seeing that Crooked Soul was so guarded against against such a great gift, Cao Lu and the curly-bearded man couldn’t help but give each other a mutual glance after a moment of astonishment.

After meeting each other’s gaze, Cao Lu dryly coughed and said, “It seems we’ve made fools of ourselves. Since Fellow Daoist Crooked Soul understands, I will tell it as it is! Our Six United Palaces do have a few matters that require your assistance. These two spiritual items are a kindly advance. If this affair is concluded, our stores will give you a great award.” Cao Lu spoke rather cordially while the curly-bearded man revealed embarrassment.

Han Li inwardly sneered and had Crooked Soul tactfully decline while wearing a faint smile, “I won’t conceal this form you two. Currently, I am entirely focused on forming my core and have no inclination for any other affairs. I am truly sorry, but it would be best for you to find someone else.

“Crooked Soul” didn’t have any interest in listening to the matter and put a stop to the conversation.

Cao Lu and the curly-bearded man didn’t take offense at his response and revealed smooth smiles instead.

“Hehe, since Fellow Daoist Crooked Soul’s Core Formation occupies his mind, he should definitely lend a hand! After this matter is concluded, our Six United Palaces will reward you with a Dustfall Pill. It is of great assistance towards Core Formation and will certainly increase the odds of successfully forming your core!” The curly-bearded man said with a chuckle.

“Dustfall Pill?” Crooked Soul muttered to himself with slight surprise.

Cao Lu replaced his smile with a solemn expression and said, “That’s right. This matter requires six cultivators at False Core stage, and we just need one more. Fellow Daoist’s arrival is

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