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Jin Qing suppressed his fear and forced himself to ask, “Is your esteemed self man or ghost?”

The freakish shadow sinisterly smiled and teased, “Man? Ghost? You tell me!”

Jin Qing’s expression became extremely unsightly.

Han Li remained silent and quickly opened his scroll painting without warning.

Countless fire birds rushed out, flocking straight towards the freakish shadow. At the same moment, the previously summoned huge bird released a sharp cry and abandoned its fight with the eerie snake, shooting straight towards the freakish shadow as a scorching ball of white flame.

The freakish shadow snorted disdainfully and said, “Congealed Yang Birds? If they had their genuine bodies, this Senior might be slightly fearful. But to dare attempt to devour ghosts and exterminate devils with only their remnant souls?”

Having said that, the green shadow raised its hands and condensed black Qi around them in an instant.

Pu, pu. The black Qi transformed into two, horned ink pythons which shot towards the large flock of fire birds. With their bloodthirsty mouths wide open, each python swallowed several fire birds. Immediately after, they each burped a wisp of white smoke and were completely unharmed.

At that moment, the huge Congealed Yang Bird that had turned into a ball of white flame arrived in front of the snakes. However, it completely ignored them and shot straight towards the freakish shadow.

When the shadow saw this, its eyes flashed with red light, enriching their color. Although the shadow didn’t move, it faintly revealed a solemn expression. It was clear that the remnant souls of the Congealed Yang Bird wasn’t nearly as harmless as it had made them out to be.

Peng. The green shadow’s hands trembled, separating the horned pythons from its hands and allowing them to move on their own.

Then, while clenching its hands as hard as it could, otherworldly dark-green flames flourished from its grasp. Soon after, its body blurred and met the white fire sphere with a fierce punch.

As Han Li and Jin Qing watched on with shock, the white ball of flame was scattered by the strike and disappeared in an instant. A white crystal pearl suddenly appeared in the the green shadow’s grasp.

The shadow evilly grinned and swallowed it without hesitation, before turning its ice-cold gaze back to Han Li once more.

At that moment, the scroll painting in Han Li’s grasp set itself aflame, and he hurriedly tossed it away. It turned into ash in the blink of an eye. Once the scroll painting turned to ash, the fire birds that were still tangling with the ink snakes disappeared as well.

Han Li sucked in a deep breath.

Although he knew that the remnant souls of the Congealed Yang Birds weren’t the green shadow’s match, he didn’t anticipate that a treasure that specialized in subduing Yin ghosts would be blown away with a single blow. He had only sent them out to probe the opponent’s strength, and ended up not acquirin

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