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“This is Heaven Lightning Bamboo?” Han Li’s expression continuously fluctuated.

The box contained a two inch long stalk of dried up bamboo the width of a finger and clearly withered roots. No matter how he looked, it appeared completely similar to ordinary bamboo.

With doubts held in his mind, Han Li couldn’t help but expressionlessly take a look at Fairy Violet Spirit.

The young woman saw Han Li’s suspicion and lightly chuckled. She pressed the dried bamboo in between her fingers and took a sparkling, glowing knife in her other hand. Pa! Fairy Violet Spirit quickly chopped down onto the bamboo with all her strength. In the instant the dagger’s blade made contact, the bamboo released a thin arc of electricity and immediately repelled the dagger.

Having seen this, Han Li’s doubts were cleared and he carefully returned the bamboo to the box and carefully put it away.

Soon after, Fairy Violet Spirit gave Han Li an authority medallion belonging to the Exquisite Sound Sect. After the two briefly chatted, Han Li took his leave.

Not long after Han Li left, Lady Fan and Zhuo Ruting returned to the inn. After hearing what Fairy Violet Spirit had agreed on, the two looked at each other for a long while.

“Junior Martial Sister, we’ve already discussed this quite a bit. We should be able to find another Core Formation cultivator, given the grand reputation of the Heaven Lightning Bamboo. Why must we accommodate this person?” Lady Fan couldn’t help but complain.

Although Zhuo Ruting remained silent, her eyebrows furrowed with puzzlement.

“Senior Martial Sister didn’t see how unsightly his face became when I asked him to become our Sect’s elder. His gaze revealed a stalwart resolution that he wouldn’t agree to anything without the Heavenly Lightning Bamboo. Senior Martial Sister had also mentioned that this person isn’t affected by our bewitchment techniques. As for using the Heavenly Lightning Bamboo to invite other cultivators, Senior Martial Sister places far too great a value on that paltry item. Although the Heaven Lightning Bamboo is known as one of the three great divine woods, there are far too few uses of this item. Nobody would use this material for anything aside from refining top grade magic treasures. And with an understanding of magic treasure refinement techniques, they would realize our miniscule amount of Heaven Lightning Bamboo would be completely useless. You should also know that there are many ranks of Heavenly Lightning Bamboo. Ours is only white lightning bamboo at the age of several thousand years of age. Even if it were refined into a magic tool, it wouldn’t be amazingly powerful. It would be better to use this item than to leave it for later. Moreover, since he had agreed to become a sect elder, we merely have to treat him with respect and give him yearly offerings so that when the time comes that our sect encounters a great enemy, he wouldn’t have the nerve to refuse!” Fairy Violet Spirit leisure

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