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After flying about five kilometers away from Minor Expanse Island, Han Li’s expression suddenly darkened, and he stopped his Divine Wind Boat.

“Don’t hide! Reveal yourself!” Han Li spoke calmly while facing forward.

“Yi!” A cry of surprise came from an empty area. With a flash of rainbow brilliance, eight Foundation Establishment cultivators appeared not far in front of him.

“Han Li, in order to acquire Dustfall Pills, you and Crooked Soul killed the Tail Star Island Lord’s disciple and the other cultivators involved. Now, we’ve come as enforcers by order of our island lord. You are to quickly enter our custody so we may deliver you to Island Lord Zhan Tai for punishment!” A late Foundation Establishment cultivator among the group proudly yelled to Han Li.

In order to fool the others, Han Li and Crooked Soul had restrained their own cultivation. As a result, the group had misjudged their cultivation and appeared carefree. Although they were somewhat surprised that Han Li had discovered and ruined their ambush, with their superior cultivation and numbers, they should be able to easily handle them! As a result, they were careless and took a blunt, direct approach.

After calmly sizing them up, Han Li insipidly said, “You are cultivators from Stalwart Star Island? Do you have any evidence that I killed those other cultivators?”

Upon hearing this, a white-haired old man among them was stunned for a moment before sneering and saying, “What? You still wish to quibble against the testimony of the Six United Palace’s Elder Miao? Don’t get your hopes up! Our island lord has already said that you two are extremely crafty and that we are to immediately destroy your cultivation.”

Han Li’s expression slightly changed. With a face covered in a layer of icy intent, he said, “Destroy our cultivation? Does your island lord not intend to resolve this matter with us?”

“Hehe! You two have fled in guilt for several years; the evidence has long been collected. What is there to resolve? Everyone, go! Let’s bring these two back for a reward!” The white-haired old man turned his head, and impatiently called out to the others with wide eyes. Suddenly, the cultivators acted without speaking any further, releasing their magic tools towards Han Li in streaks of overbearing light.

Han Li watched on with his eyes wide open. How was this possibly intending to destroy his cultivation? It seems they were gazing at him with killing intent and intended to elimnate him.

Although he didn’t know whether or not there was something amiss, Han Li had no choice but to get rid these cultivators.

“Crooked Soul, kill them! Don’t allow a single one to escape!” While Han Li’s voice wasn’t loud, it was colder than ice.

Crooked Soul, who had been standing motionlessly behind Han Li, silently stepped forward and released an astonishing blood-red light. After a moment, his entire body was enveloped in a blinding sphere of light. Then with a soft his

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