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“Go!” The middle-aged man uttered in a low voice. After forming an incantation gesture with his hands, the ghost head bared its fangs and fiercely charged towards Grandmaster Zenith Yin while screaming.

That same moment, Han Li and the others shot their magic tools and treasures at the Exquisite Sound Sect traitors.

Naturally, those at Grandmaster Zenith Yin’s side hadn’t resigned themselves to death and unleashed their own barrage of brilliant light. In the next moment, all kinds of magic tools and treasures intertwined with one another.

Zenith Yin indifferently glanced at the scene before turning towards the ghost head flying at him, revealing a cold smile.

He shot the two black fireballs in his hand towards it. After leaving his hands, the fireballs underwent a series of transformations until becoming inky snakes as thick as a thumb. Then with a woosh, they pierced into the ghost head’s mouth like an arrow.

The middle-aged man’s face suddenly paled, and he inwardly cried out in alarm.

The ghost head suddenly stopped and it began to swell before suddenly rupturing, releasing countless threads of black flame.

After the middle-aged man saw this, his complexion somewhat paled, but he immediately took in a deep breath and wore a resolute expression.

He slapped the back of his head with all his strength and a thumb-sized bead slowly emerged from his forehead. The bead was made of an exquisite pure white crystal and released a cold white aura.

After the bead fully emerged, the middle-aged man secretly transmitted his voice to Eccentric Scarletflame with a solemn expression, “Brother Scarlet, the old devil’s Heavenwide Corpsefire can only be restrained by the cold of an extreme Yin magic treasure. I’ll use the Dark Cold Bead to capture his attention while you find an opportunity to trap the old devil using your Water Sunflower Devilish Arts. This way, we’ll have a greater chance of victory.”

With a muffled grunt coming from the black cloud in response, the middle-aged man’s spirits were roused.

Without any hesitation, he opened his mouth and sprayed a mist of blood onto the bead, which began to spin and absorb the entirety of the blood mist. Its white aura contracted and expanded before transforming it into a huge, three-meter-wide silver sphere that shined with blinding light.

“OId Devil, I’ll show you the ferocity of my Dark Cold Bead that I refined from profound deep sea crystal!” The middle-aged man gazed at Grandmaster Zenith Yin with a malicious expression and grit his teeth.

Soon after, he pointed his hand towards the Dark Cold Bead and shouted, “Swiftly!” The silver light sphere swayed several times and released a clear hum before transforming into a white python with the thickness of a bowl. The python then fiercely pounced towards Grandmaster Zenith Yin.

“Yi!” Grandmaster Zenith Yin revealed slight astonishment! But soon after, his disdainful smile reappeared on his face. With a sligh

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