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The newly revealed light barrier was thick and slightly blurred. Although it wasn’t as obscure as the dense yellow mist, it still clouded the interior.

In addition to the outer barrier of light, there appeared to be several more layers within and a round pillar at the very center of the light barrier that stood about ten meters tall. Ancient decorative designs and characters seemed to be carved onto it, but no one was able to clearly make them out as their spiritual senses were being completely blocked by the light barrier.

But even stranger than the pillar were the countless, slender bands of rainbow light that erratically roamed within the light barrier. They appeared extremely abnormal as though they were alive.

When the others saw this, they couldn’t help but click their tongues in astonishment.

Han Li’s expression became gloomy and he carelessly revealed a trace of his suspicion.

Although he hadn’t broken many ancient spell formations, Xin Ruyin’s records had contained information on many types of ancient formation spells. From the aura and appearance of the formation spell before him, it didn’t appear the slightest bit similar to an ancient spell formation. It even held a trace of evil Qi.

With that in mind, Han Li turned his gaze towards the nearby Shi Die.

He saw her examining the formation with great curiosity, but her face didn’t reveal a trace of peculiarity. This caused Han Li, who didn’t hold much confidence in formations, to self-mockingly believe that his judgement was wrong.

“It seems that today is coming to an end. Since Brother Han and the others have come here from so far away, how about they rest for a moment before coming back to break the formation tomorrow? After all, it doesn’t seem like the formation can be broken through in a short amount of time!” Hu Yue spoke, showing great consideration towards Han Li and the others that had recently arrived.

As Han Li felt that this formation would take quite some time to unravel and was somewhat exhausted, he didn’t refuse Hu Yue’s suggestion.

Although Fairy Shi appeared to have identified the formation and was eager to continue, she didn’t raise any objections towards Hu Yue’s suggestion.

Thus, the group returned to their stone buildings.

Since there weren’t that many stone buildings, Han Li and the others casually reshaped the earth to make some rooms and used a stone transformation technique on them before officially taking residence in them.


The following morning, Han Li and Shi Die arrived outside the light barrier and began their attribute tests and calculations.

The entire process of destroying the formation was very slow, especially at the start. The two felt somewhat overwhelmed, not knowing where to start. They’d often encounter a few insurmountable difficulties that they couldn’t make any progress on, even after spending several days attempting to solve them.

But regardless of how it was said, the format

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