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“Red Coral Island! So this is the nearest coral island!”

Han Li stood on the Divine Wind Boat and muttered to himself for a moment. Afterwards, he flew in a large circle around the island and made sure that the coral island didn’t have any cultivators or demon beasts nearby before slowly descending with Crooked Soul.

The small ring-shaped island was composed of coral rings of differing sizes.

Han Li stood on a smooth surface and ground his shoes against the ground to make fine, dark-red grains of dust. He then lifted his head to examine the topography of the island. A short moment later, he narrowed his eyes in contemplation.

Ordering Crooked Soul to stand guard near him, he suddenly set off to walk around the island.

Under Crooked Soul’s protection, Han Li made a thorough inspection of the island’s west and east coral rings. After making a full examination of the island, he even dove into the sea in the center of the island and didn’t emerge until half a day later.

On the third day, Han Li completed his investigation and finally came to a decision.

He ordered Crooked Soul to place down his three great formations— the Five Elements Reversal Formation, the Fierce Heavenly Wind Formation, and the Illusory Heavensifting Formation— at his selected locations. The three formations all covered the center of Red Coral Island.

After placing down the three formations, Han Li additionally set up several small scale magic formations at the center of the Red Coral Island. With every direction sealed off from the center, it created an inescapable net.

Having done all of this, Han Li carefully examined his work and ensured that there was nothing he had overlooked. Then, he took out a jade box from his storage pouch and gently stroked it.

Han Li revealed a mysterious smile and slowly opened it, revealing a large medicinal herb that had thirteen leaves on its stalk. The leaves were completely curled up, making it appear quite peculiar.

Even more noteworthy was the white mist the plant carried that faintly released a rainbow light, making for a magnificent sight. It seemed to be of supernatural nature.

This was Han Li’s greatest trump card, the “Rainbow Skirt Grass”.

Although the herb wasn’t common, it couldn’t be considered a rarity either. This item was able to be found on coral reefs in the Scattered Star Seas. However, if one attempted to plant this in ordinary soil, it would cause its surroundings to shine with color for one or two days before dying off. It was quite interesting.

What was most fascinating was that the color which shined would be the same as the environment it grew in, altering the color of its current location, whether it be blue, red, or any other color.

However, it didn’t possess any significant medicinal effects for cultivators. Apart from its attractiveness, common cultivators would only view it as an ingredient used in some low grade medicine pills. However, “Rainbow Skirt Gra

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