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As Han Li was silently contemplating inside his bedroom, his expression suddenly changed and he walked out.

During his many years of seclusion, the entrance of his residence had remained sealed. He saw that outside his cave residence’s restrictions, there were eight sound transmission talismans of various colors, knocking against his barriers like headless houseflies.

Han Li looked at the scene with raised eyebrows for a moment before taking out his authority talisman and saying, “Receive!” The sound transmission talismans outside the barriers shot into his hand in response.

Han Li stood still as he calmly looked through them.

Half of the sound transmission talismans were from neighboring Core Formation cultivators wishing to offer their congratulations. The other half of the sound transmission talismans were invitations from organizations of varying sizes to take a position as a high ranking guest elder, using exceedingly rare treasures as payment. There was even one that offered two stunning maids as a recruitment gift right from the start.

After looking through the details of their offers, Han Li inwardly rolled his eyes.

He politely replied to the Core Formation cultivators offering their congratulations and gave a direct refusal to the many organizations. He didn’t believe that he could take it easy and be without worry now that he reached Core Formation. He still had to use a bit of time to consolidate his core. Furthermore, Han Li considered it advantageous to maintain a low profile.

In the coming days, Han Li started to frequently pay a visit to the cave residences of nearby Core Formation cultivators and humbly asked them for advice regarding what should be done after achieving Core Formation.

Because the topic at hand wasn’t some sort of secretive issue, these cultivators were happy to chat with him and give him a few pointers. Han Li ended up profiting quite a bit from these visits.

However, a few cultivators felt very envious of how Han Li had managed to preserve his youthful appearance before achieving Core Formation. After all, apart from a miniscule group consisting of either geniuses with heavenly aptitude or those like Han Li who cultivate with the assistance of many spiritual medicines, most Core Formation cultivators had reached quite a considerable age by the time of their Core Formation.

Although their lifespans had greatly increased after reaching Core Formation, they didn’t regain their youthful appearance. At most, they would appear less sickly or haggard as they grew older. Naturally, there were a few cultivators that practiced a cultivation art that had the wondrous effect of preserving one’s appearance and were also part of the group which preserved their youthful appearance after Core formation.

Han Li happened to still have a few Face Setting Pills on hand. As he wasn’t particularly attached to them, he traded them with the Core Formation cultivators for a few rare items,

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