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When Feng Sanniang heard this, she revealed a bitter smile. She dragged the hair on her forehead to one side and slowly said, “Fellow Daoists! It wasn’t that I was unwilling to state the facts. I was under orders to not divulge this information until we arrived on the island. Now that we’ve arrived, I have no restrictions in telling you all! The foe that our United Six Palaces wish to battle is an ‘Infant Carp Beast’. That is why we had to be a bit careful!”

“Infant Carp Beast!” When Qing Suanzi heard this, he couldn’t help but shout out in shock!

Han Li detachedly gazed on. Although he didn’t know what sort of demon beast they were facing, judging by the pale expressions of the others, it was by no means some trifling beast.

“I don’t blame your palaces for being this careful. If it really is this demon beast, it was right to be careful! If other powers were to know of this, who knows how much of a disturbance would be brought about!!” Qing Suanzi muttered in disbelief. Han Li’s heart stirred upon hearing him.

The youth surnamed Yan and the large bald man’s expressions continuously shifted as their hearts were in turmoil.

Only the middle-aged Confucian scholar with an unsightly expression coldly spoke to Feng Sanniang, “Your Six United Palaces have overreached themselves! Everyone knows that the Infant Carp Beast is an innate water demon beast with formidable water type divine abilities. If it were grade six, it’d be a match for common grade seven demon beasts. By claiming it to be a grade six beast when you were asking for our assistance, were you deliberately trying to take advantage of us?” The middle-aged Confucian scholar asked.

Qing Suanzi and the others eventually recovered from their shock, all revealing their displeasure.

Although they were all rogue cultivators, those that walked the road less traveled, they didn’t dare to rashly offend the Six United Palaces. They all wordlessly stared at Feng Sanniang, waiting for an answer.

Feng Sanniang’s face darkened and she replied without a trace of politeness, “Fellow Daoist Mao, you speak wrongly! Our Six United Palaces did not deceive you! Although the Infant Carp Beast is a bit difficult, it is a genuine grade six demon beast. How could you say we called a grade seven demon beast a grade six demon beast? Besides, since our palaces offered a reward as precious as the Dustfall Pill, you should have understood that you weren’t going to deal with a common grade six beast. Otherwise, our palaces would be operating at a loss.”

The middle-aged Confucian scholar was left dumbstruck for long while, and Han Li inwardly frowned. Although the woman’s outspoken words held reason, he still felt very uncomfortable and couldn’t help but glance at the others.

The other three appeared to have the same attitude as Han Li and revealed slight displeasure.

Then, Feng Sanniang suddenly flashed Crooked Soul a smile and said, “Naturally, our palace acted in this manner t

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