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“Since you are unwilling to answer, then how about...”

The Bone Sage changed the topic as if wanting to change his question, but at that moment, clear ringing suddenly came from the old devil’s body. The beautiful sounds left Han Li stunned.

When the Bone Sage heard this, he was startled but revealed an expression of joyful disbelief.

He no longer paid attention to Han Li and struck his own abdomen. With a tear, a white rib bone shot out from his body and flew once around him before landing in his palm.

The clear rings were coming from this rib bone.

Han Li blinked and revealed puzzlement. He was at a complete loss.

With the rib bone in his hand, the old devil’s smile grew even stronger.

Crush. The old devil exerted force into his grip and turned the bone to dust. A white sphere of light floated from the dust, revealing a black cricket. It croaked without end inside the light sphere, but once it saw the Bone Sage, it stopped chirping and left the light sphere before entering his body.

TheBone Sage broke into laughter and clutched the light sphere in his hand. The white light soon disappeared to reveal an embroidered cloth stained yellow from age.

When Han Li saw this item, he was shocked.

That embroidered cloth appeared rather familiar. Didn’t it strongly resemble the same map fragment he acquired from the Black Fiend Sect Master[1. Chapter 331]? Could it be they had some relation to one another?

Han Li’s mind stirred. He knew that this could be a clue to possibly unravel the mystery behind the map fragment. He couldn’t help but observe his every movement with wide eyes.

Unfortunately, after taking a quick look at it, the Bone Sage quickly stuffed the embroidered cloth into his robe. He then calmly gazed at Han Li and said, “Since you have no relation to my two traitorous disciples, I don’t have any time to waste on you. I have an important matter to attend to, so let us part ways. I will give you a word of advice before I leave. If you stay here for too long, my sinful disciple might take notice and will rush over here.” With that said, the Bone Sage ignored any response Han Li might have had and turned into a streak of blood light with a sneer, hastily flying past Han Li towards the entrance.

Han Li was initially stunned but soon frowned. His body immediately turned into a blur of flourishing azure light, making a full circle around the main hall. After collecting his former comrade’s storage pouches and magic treasures along with turning their corpses to ash, he hurriedly flew out of this place. It seemed the old devil held no interest in the storage pouches of Core Formation cultivators. Although he didn’t know whether he looked upon the belongings of Core Formation cultivators with disdain or was merely being negligent due to a pressing matter, it proved to be a very convenient situation for Han Li.

However, he couldn’t help but think of the embroidered cloth. He was also afraid that

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