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As the two women entered the store closely followed by the three male cultivators who were unwilling to part with them, Han Li and Crooked Soul appeared from behind a building.

Seeing the two women enter the store, Han Li revealed a thoughtful expression.

After looking on for a moment, he brought Crooked Soul to another street.

At first glance, the shops here and the mortal shops outside appeared no different. The shops here were laid in rows on each side of the street in even squares and carried signboard and flags at their storefront with names such as “Wu’s Assorted Goods”, “Chen Ji’s Magic Tools”, “Five Elements Magic Tools Store”, and “Huo Yang’s Raw Materials”.

Han Li didn’t enter these shops, instead choosing to walk down the street towards the center of the Sky Capital Market.

According to Han Li’s experiences, the powerful stores should be positioned in the best area, and that’s below the Dreamcloud Pavilion. As Han Li grew closer, he looked at the fantastical pavilion in the sky and couldn’t help but hurry his steps.

At this moment, the market streets had quite a number of cultivators going about their way, entering stores on occasion.

After walking about a kilometer, Han Li knew he had found the right place. His eyes lit with realization upon seeing a huge plaza that spanned about half an acre.

Stripes of fine, white jade filled the floor of the plaza, making for a sight of refined beauty. The center of the plaza was completely empty aside from the Dreamcloud Pavilion floating above it. It floated above with its doors shut, lacking any intention of inviting visitors.

Six small, uniquely-styled palace pavilions towered around the plaza, each a similar distance away from the center. They faintly seemed to stand in opposition of each other. No other store dared to place themselves among these six stores at the plaza.

After taking another glance at the pavilion, Han Li brought his gaze towards the six palace pavilions on the ground.

“The Mountain Sea Pavilion, White Water Pavilion, Jade Band Pavilion...” Han Li muttered the names of these six stores to himself as he sized up the nearby cultivators that were entering and leaving them. He wanted to enter the store with clientele of the highest status.

But after a moment, Han Li frowned and couldn’t help but inwardly curse. The customers of these stores were all of nearly the same status. After taking a round trip examining the six palace pavilions, he felt both reluctance and excitement.

Feeling gloomy, Han Li attentively sized up the six stores once more, and this time, he discovered something odd. The symbols embroidered on the banners outside each of the stores seemed to hold some sort of unique, deeper meaning.

The Mountain Sea Pavilion’s banner was embroidered with a blue mythical animal, the White Water Pavilion had a small, golden sword, the Jade Band Pavilion had a green mushroom...

Upon seeing this, Han Li felt that he ha

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