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In the distant sky at an unknown time, a huge cloud of insects spanning over a hundred meters had appeared, staining that part of the sky gold and silver. The huge buzzing seemed to be coming from this new cloud of insects.

Underneath the insect cloud, Han Li looked at the eccentric with a gaze as if he were looking at a corpse. He commanded, “Go!”

Suddenly, the huge insect cloud flew towards the eccentric as an overbearing sky-shrouding shadow.

The eccentric’s limbs grew ice-cold. This insect cloud was over ten times larger than the previous. It wasn’t something he could withstand. In his terror, he felt a sudden desire to flee.

With an unsightly expression, he recalled his transformed flower basket. He then struck his two ghost heads with blood-red magic seals, and began to chant a cryptic incantation. As for the weapons that were disabled and had been held within the white mist, they were tossed away without hesitation.

The eccentric’s decisiveness surprised Han Li.

The two ghost heads madly spat out several more wisps of flames as they retreated, but Han Li wasn’t about to let them slip away so easily.

Under his command, the huge insect cloud thoroughly drowned the ghost heads and their flames in an instant. The flames were cleanly consumed by the several tens of thousands of Gold Devouring Beetles in an instant, and the ghost heads’ themselves were filled with countless Gold Devouring Beetles.

With this, Han Li knew that the skulls were already finished. But just as he wanted to collect the Gold Devouring Beetles and go chase after the eccentric, he heard two enormous explosions.

The two ghost heads had self detonated in twin blazes of green flame, engulfing a large portion of the Gold Devouring Beetles. Han Li was initially left reeling by the scene but that soon disappeared.

From his mental connection, apart from the several hundred closest to the heart of the explosion, a vast majority of his Gold Devouring Beetles were unscathed.

It seemed that these immature Gold Devouring Beetles were not invulnerable. After a certain limit, they were still capable of being destroyed.

However, their sturdiness was already much to Han Li’s satisfaction. After all, the Gold Devouring Beetles only suffered damage from the extremely powerful detonation of the ghost heads. He was confident that any common Core Formation cultivator wouldn’t stand a chance against these insects.

With that thought, Han Li wordlessly turned into an azure streak and collected his Gold Devouring Beetles before chasing after the eccentric.

Han Li’s thoughts were quite simple. Since deep hatred was planted between him and the eccentric, it was naturally better to settle this problem once and for all. Not wanting to leave a potential enemy, he couldn’t allow him to easily escape.

A second later, Crooked Soul joined him and flew next to Han Li as a streak of yellow light, joining in the pursuit.

As for the others, they

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