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“It was stolen?” Han Li’s gaze flashed with distrust.

“Although Senior isn’t convinced, this matter is completely true!” Lady Fan then revealed a wry smile.

“Two months ago, our store was undergoing a large transaction. The profit was such that our Exquisite Sound Sect wouldn’t have had to conduct business for another ten years. Thus, our sect collected a large amount of materials and sent them off, escorted by our Sect Master Wang and the majority of our experts. However, a group of masked cultivators intercepted our convoy. The techniques of their six Core Formation cultivators were profound and evil, and the remaining cultivators were proficient in cooperative techniques. Our sect master was overwhelmed and died at the scene, and the storage pouches holding the items were stolen. A majority of our ordinary sect disciples perished in the attack as well. Were it not for two of our elders throwing caution to the wind and using secret techniques that lowered their cultivation, they would’ve killed us all and no one would’ve known.” The woman’s voice had turned gloomy and her expression turned remorseful.

“It wasn’t a trap setup by the buyer?” Han Li instantly blurted out.

“That is impossible! Our buyer was a member of the Four Elements Merchant Union. They have a flawless reputation. Why would they ruin their reputation over robbing such a minor amount of goods, given their strength?” Lady Fan lightly shook her head and denied this with a pale face, revealing an appearance of frail powerlessness.

Han Li coldly gazed on and didn’t say anything. He didn’t have the slightest intention of consoling the woman.

In response to Han Li’s indifference, Lady Fan could only softly put away her grief and continue her explanation, “That small stalk of Heaven Lightning Bamboo was the treasure of a small sect. However, the sect had declined extremely far and only had a single remaining descendant. As such, the single descendant had sold the item to our Exquisite Sound Sect. My sect master had carried this item on his body and planned to auction it off at Heavenly Star City after the deal was concluded. We didn’t expect it to be plundered as well.”

“But when my sect master was transporting these goods, he had conducted a minor trick on them and we were able to quickly track down their hideout as a result. However, these thieves have quite a few Core Formation cultivators among them, and our sect doesn’t have the strength to take them down. As a result, this meeting wasn’t just about purchasing your goods. We were also assigned the responsibility to scout out high level cultivators for assistance. Seniors’ magic power is quite profound. If you are willing to help us, we wouldn’t mind giving you the Heaven Lightning Bamboo.”

The woman chose her words carefully before arriving at her original intention. Han Li’s expression was indifferent when he heard this, but his eyes continuously shifted around as if he were thinking about someth

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