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[TL Note: The Master of Bones, Xiao Cha, will now be referred to as the Bone Sage, Xiao Cha.]

Among the people already in the hall was the Bone Sage that he had separated from recently. He was sitting cross-legged at a jade pillar in the corner of the hall, icily staring at him with unconcealed surprise.

At another jade pillar was a woman staring at Han Li with surprise. She was the Exquisite Sound Sect’s Fairy Violet Spirit. An elegant man wearing an azure jacket with a composed appearance stood at her side.

When the man saw that Fairy Violet Spirit’s expression was slightly odd he couldn’t help but take measure of Han Li. Seeing that Han Li appeared youthful, his eyes coldly glinted, and he asked Fairy Violet Spirit a few questions.

As a result, Fairy Violet Spirit gracefully smiled and whispered to the man as if she were explaining Han Li’s identity.

Han Li frowned and turned his eyes away from them. His gaze focused on another area where someone had gazed at Han Li with ill intent.

Han Li was baffled to find an old man with a face of fury, looking towards him. Han Li was startled for a moment before recognizing him and feeling annoyed. That person was the Six United Palace’s Elder Miao.

Due to the matter of the Infant Carp Beast, Elder Gu had wished to kill him. However, Han Li took advantage of the great damage to his Origin Qi and his wondrous formation spell restrictions to turn the tables and eliminate him. Many years had past since this had occurred, but Elder Miao still recognized him. It seemed he felt rather deeply about Elder Gu’s death.

Han Li inwardly muttered to himself, but found he didn’t particularly care about it anymore. After observing the rest of the hall, there were no other cultivators he recognized.

Thus after some slight hesitation, he casually found a jade pillar with no one on it and flew to its top. He sat cross-legged before sizing up a few of the other cultivators that he didn’t recognize.

Because Han Li’s spiritual sense was restricted, he wasn’t able to make out the cultivation of others. He only knew that a majority of cultivators here were at Core Formation or higher with Foundation Establishment cultivators in a small minority. There may even be a Nascent Soul eccentric or two among them.

With that in mind, Han Li carefully examined the others while he sat on the pillar.

Some time later, he had identified the two that were most likely to be Nascent Soul cultivators.

One was a yellow-robed, thin-faced old confucian scholar. He leisurely held his back with one hand while looking through a shabby jade slip with the other. He occasionally swayed his head with interest. He seemed incredibly bookish.

The other was a beautiful middle-aged woman wearing spotless white clothes. She was surrounded with a bone-chilling aura, preventing any strangers from approaching her.

At the moment, the icy beauty was expressionlessly cleaning her jet-black longsword. She a

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