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(TL: Four Great Merchants Alliance -> Four Elements Merchant Alliance)

The most puzzling thing to Han Li was the silence that spread throughout the streets. There wasn’t a single person outside of the stores.

After murmuring to himself for a moment, he silently smiled. How could he have forgotten! This place wasn’t nearly as leisurely as the Inner Star Seas. The courageous new arrivals to these islands were at mid Foundation Establishment at the very least. They should all be out hunting demon beasts!

Han Li then lifted his head and looked around, discovering that this place was actually built with its back to a small mountain.

Han Li pondered for a moment before walking towards the general goods store built from rubble.

“Are there any new sea maps of the nearby area?” Before Han Li arrived, he had learned that the sea maps of the Demon Beast Islands were constantly being replaced and that the newest maps were the most useful.

“We do! We have general maps and detailed maps. Which type would Senior like?” The shopkeeper of the general goods store was a middle-aged Qi Condensation cultivator. He gave an enthusiastic reply after they came over and asked him a question.

“The detailed map!” Han Li answered instantly.

“The detailed map costs one hundred spirit stones!” The middle-aged man stated boldly.

“One hundred?” Han Li felt that he had misheard, but his face soon darkened and revealed fury. Although he didn’t intend to provoke any problems, he wasn’t going to allow himself to be swindled by a low-grade cultivator.

“Senior shouldn’t misunderstand. This price wasn’t decided by me, but by my superiors. I am only obeying orders. In addition, other cultivators sell us the new maps at a high price as well!” In response to Han Li’s gloomy expression, he gave an explanation with his own complaints rather than expressing fear.

“Your superiors? What merchant union do you belong to?” Han Li asked with a frown after his anger had somewhat subsided. He clearly understood that small shops weren’t capable of conducting business on the Demon Beast Islands. This might even be a branch of the Four Elements Merchant Union.

After a short pause, the middle-aged man replied with a smile, “Hehe, Senior sure is knowledgeable. Junior is an underling of the Lavish Cheer Merchant Union.”

“The same Lavish Cheer Union that established the Lavish Cheer Auction House in Heavenly Star City, and is a member of the Four Elements Merchant Union?”

“That’s right, Senior!”

Without any further bickering, Han Li bluntly threw a mid-grade spirit stone his way. The shopkeeper then let out a chuckle and handed a jade slip over to Han Li.

Han Li glanced at the other shops before taking the jade slip and moodily asking, “Are the other stores also part of your Lavish Cheer Merchant Union?”

“How could that possibly be? Apart from the purchasing depot in the west, the other businesses were all established by different mercha

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