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The youth swiped his ghost claw again but this time with a flash of green radiance, shooting a green streak of light towards the incoming sword streak. It immediately resulted in a huge clap of thunder.

Black and golden arcs of lightning burst out, intertwining to eventually form a huge sphere of lightning. With neither attack giving way, their cries of thunder reverberated through the hall with astonishing pressure.

Han Li suddenly narrowed his gaze.

“Heaven Lightning Bamboo!” He was alarmed to find the opponent also possessed a magic treasure refined from Heaven Lightning Bamboo!

Could it be...?

Han Li thought of something and attentively examined the green streak that the youth released.

At the brilliant center of the arcs of lightning, he saw a foot-long emerald arrow struggling fiercely against his huge sword made from combining nine Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.

The lightning it shot out was much different than that of his sword. Instead of a golden color, it was instead mixed with a deep black as if it had been refined by an evil technique.

Although this was the case, the black lightning was exceedingly powerful and even took the upper hand in its clash against the gold lightning.

Han Li couldn’t help but let out a gloomy sigh. He didn’t expect that his original doubts were accurate.

He had felt a familiar aura upon seeing the arrow embedded in the skeleton’s skull. It was quite similar to his own Gold Lightning Bamboo, but it occasionally released a faint, black evil Qi, arousing his doubts.

After all, according to what he knew, the Gold Lightning Bamboo had only appeared once in the Scattered Star Seas, but it soon disappeared after an unknown number of years. How would chance have it that he would end up encountering it? He had found it incredulous. But now, not only was this misleading arrow refined from Gold Lightning Bamboo, but it was also a magic treasure that was refined by the old ghost. What an amazing farce!

Han Li couldn’t help but reveal a faint, sarcastic smile.

But he suddenly recalled something. Had the old ghost taken advantage of when he was examining the skeleton and controlled the arrow, he would’ve certainly died.

With that in mind, he couldn’t help but feel increasingly fearful. His back was covered in cold sweat from that lingering fear.

It wasn’t exactly a surprise that his Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords couldn’t beat the arrow. He had tempered his flying swords for far too little time, and he was only capable of relying on the innate ability of the Gold Lightning Bamboo in a fight. It was only natural for it to be inferior to the enemy’s magic treasure. Had his nine flying swords been tempered for a slightly longer time, the enemy’s trifling single magic treasure wouldn’t be able to contend with it, regardless of whether or not it had also been refined from Gold Lightning Bamboo.

But now that he found out that the opponent had a method of restraining the Divi

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