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“How about this? If Brother Han and Fairy Shi break through the formation, then they can have the first pick. We will distribute the rest afterwards.” Hu Yue revealed slight embarrassment and hastily mentioned Han Li, going through the motions for the time being.

The thin, shriveled cultivator surnamed Jian stood to the side and remained silent. He remained somewhat of a mystery to Han Li.

“Fellow Daoist Hu, wouldn’t it be better to first bring Brother Han and Fairy Shi to the formation and see whether or not the formation can be broken, and leave the distribution for afterwards? If they cannot break the formation, having this talk now would be useless.” Jin Qing proposed with a slight smile.

Hu Yue patted his head and promptly agreed, “Right! This formation spell is rather strange. Fellow Daoist Jin and I relentlessly assaulted it for an entire day. As a result, we only wasted our magic power on attacks that didn’t damage the formation spell in the slightest.”

The others agreed and followed in curious anticipation. They flew towards the back of the sand mountain and stopped near an unremarkable shallow slope.

“Please take a look. The area covered in a yellow mist is where the spell formation is located.” Hu Yue pointed down at an area of the slope while in midair with a solemn expression.

The others didn’t need it pointed out as there was a huge, dense yellow mist that resembled a huge beast quietly crouching in wait. It gave them an incomprehensibly strange feeling. “Yi! It seems to be a dual attribute earth-wind formation spell. How interesting.” Upon seeing the formation spell’s grandeur, Shi Die’s eyes immediately brightened with excitement.

Han Li was brought back to attention upon hearing her and looked at her before turning his attention towards the formation spell. Not long after, his expression became solemn.

This formation spell was indeed a wind-earth dual attribute formation spell as the woman had said. At his current level, it would prove quite troublesome to break through it.

At that moment, Shi Die slowly descended to the edge of the spell formation and enthusiastically took out a strange magic tool.

She stroked the disc-shaped magic tool before pointing it towards the yellow mist and shooting out a green beam of light. The beam then disappeared without a trace into the formation.

Shi Die frowned as she took out a fiery crystal ball and rubbed it with her hand several times before sending it into the yellow mist as well. But after flashing several times with red light, the crystal ball was also submerged into the dense yellow mist.

At this point, the female cultivator’s complexion turned slightly red, involuntarily revealing an expression of worry. She continued to probe the formation spell with another eight different magic tools. However, apart from a yellow copper mirror that was able to shine through an area of the mist, none of the other magic tools had any effect.


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