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While everyone cried out in alarm upon seeing the shadow piercing toward him, Han Li raised his hand and tossed out his Green Brilliance Dagger he had prepared and struck the shadow.

The black shadow was pushed back to the pondside and hissed with an icy gaze.

Shockingly, the shadow turned out to be a meter long, jet-black serpent with a flesh horn.

A scarlet tongue hissed from its mouth, and it had a tri-colored flower bud on the top half of its flesh horn. It appeared rather ridiculous, as if a small flower were growing out of its head.

As for the rainbow radiance, it was a seven colored demon Qi that was formed from wisps coming out of the serpent’s mouth.

It appeared exactly the same as a true rainbow so it was no surprise that it had deceived all of them.

After seeing the black shadow’s true appearance, Hu Yue blankly stared at it, saying,“Crested Demon Serpent? It transformed the crest of its head into a Sevenglow Lotus!”

After clearly seeing this serpent’s true appearance, Shi Die's eyes coldly glinted, and she wordlessly raised her hand, releasing a purple folded scarf. This item released several explosive sounds as it shot towards the demon serpent.

“Careful! This serpent is extremely venomous. You aren’t its match!” Jin Qing abruptly said this before releasing his large, white block stamp to join the scarf as a streak of white streak of light.

The demon serpent watched the two items attack it with an ice-cold gaze, and then opened it’s mouth and spouted out a bright rainbow pearl. The pearl released a gorgeous radiance that blocked the large stamp and purple scarf, forcing them to a complete stop.

At that moment, Hu Yue finally woke from his disappointment at the loss of the treasure. After a moment of hesitation, he threw out two flying knives and entered the battle.

Suddenly, three streaks of white light and a streak of purple brilliance were intertwined with the rainbow light.

The serpent was completely fearless! After a few strange croaks, it spouted out several colorful clouds. The clouds made the magic treasures dim until they were nearly dark immediately after they made contact.

“How can this fiend be so powerful? Could it be a mutated demon?” Jin Qing was aghast at the sight.

But as soon as he finished talking, a red radiance was fiercely shot out, piercing through the colorful cloud in an instant and striking the demon serpent’s flesh horn.

A thumb-sized bloody hole was left behind by the strike.

The demon released a strange shout and painfully slammed into the limestone floor. Soon after, its body coiled, and it shot towards the pond in a blur.

But at that moment, a group of emerald flying swords flew down from above, nailing the serpent’s head to the limestone floor faster than lightning. The serpent then flusteredly thrashed around but wasn’t able to move away in the slightest.

This was the result of the sudden actions by Han Li and Crooked Soul.


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