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The lives lead by mortals differed greatly from those lead by cultivators. Mortals lives were brimming with joys and sorrows, where the old withered and life was born anew.

In a few short years of observation, Han Li began to recall feelings that he had long forgotten, both positive and negative. Regardless of the emotion, they still caused Han Li’s mind to stir, allowing him a chance for introspection and to now understand these emotions from a cultivator’s perspective.

Likewise, his comprehension of formation spells and his skill in tool refinement gradually improved over a long period of time. Most notably, Han Li’s store, the Small Green Bamboo Pavilion, had developed somewhat of a reputation in the area over the span of just two years.

This was because cultivators were able to purchase a few inexpensive yet functional magic tools at Han Li’s store. A few of the luckier customers were even capable of purchasing a few rare intermediate grade talismans at the store.

After this news spread locally, a few low level cultivators immediately scrambled towards Han Li’s shop.

These magic tools and talismans had obviously been personally crafted by Han Li. Ever since he entered Core Formation, he was finally able to grasp the mid-grade magic techniques that he long desired. Although they were the lowest among mid-grade techniques, Han Li was still very satisfied with them.

However, intermediate talisman weren’t something that could be refined using common talisman paper. They could only be crafted using the hide of rare demon beasts, but not just any hide would suffice. Each intermediate talisman had their own unique requirements regarding demon beast hides.

Fortunately, Han Li had thought of this before he sold off his demon beast materials and had kept a large quantity of talisman materials. Otherwise, he would have had no way of refining the talismans despite having grasped their magic techniques.

Han Li first practiced using the lesser quality demon beast skins. After feeling that he was capable enough, he then moved on to refining a few particular talismans using rarer materials.

The talismans that he practiced creating were all attack type magic techniques. Every month or so, Han Li would put one or two of them up for sale in his shop and sell them to the first buyer.

To a Core Formation cultivator like Han Li, these talismans were of little value as their power paled in the face of magic treasures. As such, he had no purpose to preserve them.

However, Han Li had clearly underestimated the allure his intermediate talismans had to Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment cultivators. Even after raising the price of these talismans several times, these cultivators continued to readily spend their spirit stones without hesitation, allowing Han Li to accumulate a small fortune.

But it was a pity that intermediate talismans were extremely difficult to create. Even with the many demon beast skins th

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