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A moment later, the black dot in the distance gradually grew larger as he approached, slowly revealing a vast black shadow. Although he still couldn’t see it clearly, its prominent silhouette left Han Li awed by its astonishing magnificence.

When Han Li flew somewhat closer, he was able to roughly make out the contents of the shadow. It was a city, an enormous city that spanned the entire island.

But what caused Han Li the greatest astonishment was that the city was entirely different than those he had seen before. It wasn’t laid out on flat land; instead, the sky towering mountain at the center of the island serve as the foundation and the buildings were built in concentric circles around it.

The bottom of the huge mountain had rows and rows of buildings that spanned to the very edges of the island without a single gap.

This was without a doubt Heavenly Star City, the largest city in the Scattered Star Seas.

From the sky, the densely packed buildings appeared as small as ants. The scene left him shocked until he was about twenty kilometers away from the island, at which point he was forced to slow down his Divine Wind Boat.

Han Li was no longer alone in the nearby sky. Streaks of light far and near started to occasionally appear, flying towards Heavenly Star City.

Han Li inwardly sighed. Heavenly Star City’s reputation was well deserved. Even at such a far distance away, he saw many cultivators.

Once he was about ten kilometers away, there were an even greater number of various colored lights flying about. He even saw a few huge ships beneath him, cutting through the wind and waves.

But what rendered him speechless were the cultivators that chose to sail on small boats or even ride on low grade demon beasts on the sea instead of flying on a magic tool.

Han Li shook his head. After recovering from his awe, he accelerated into a streak of light. After a short moment, arrived at the shore of Heavenly Star Island.

He had now discovered that the island was surrounded by a lofty stone wall about a hundred meters high. Han Li was also able to make out that the expansive sea walls had over a dozen gates of various sizes.

While there were ports intended for mortal ships and bays for resting demon beasts, the obvious majority of incoming traffic, the lone cultivators, entered the city through the small gates. As such, Han Li flew towards a small city gate in a streak of azure light.

Although it was one of the smaller gates, when Han Li neared it, he saw that the gate was over twenty four meters tall and couldn’t help but laugh at himself with a faint smile.

In front of Han Li stood a dignified, azure-clothed woman whose cultivation seemed to be mid Foundation Establishment. Standing beneath the city gate, she was elegantly speaking to two white-clothed cultivators. After she handed over a few spirit stones, she casually donned a blue ring they had given her and entered the city with light steps.

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