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Han Li was startled when he saw the human skulls and was reminded of the Six Devil Dao Sect’s Ghost Spirit Sect.

The Ghost Spirit Sect disciples used human skull shaped magic tools to attack, but they were merely inanimate objects, unlike these black skulls that seemed to have a life of their own.

Han Li experienced an even greater shock when he saw that the three black banners were already flying towards the skull.

The cultivator surnamed Jian loudly shouted and pointed to his banners, causing them to shoot out a dense number of black threads. The threads then intertwined to form a huge net before rushing towards the incoming human skull.

The threads were extremely fine and glossy. They also carried a faint black Qi that was clearly unordinary.

Upon seeing the black threads release themselves, the skull’s eye sockets flashed with red light, and it erratically closed and opened its mouth before countless wisps of dark green fire surged out from its mouth.

Upon contact, the countless black threads instantly combusted as if they had met their nemesis, quickly turning into rising clouds of azure smoke.

The cultivator surnamed Jian greatly paled at the sight and hastily formed another incantation gesture, wanting to activate another divine ability of the black banners.

The black skulls suddenly swelled to the size of a carriage wheel before spouting out a streak of black light for a breath of time. The three black banners were then wrapped up by the streak of light and pulled into the skull’s mouth. Afterwards, the skull starting chomping down with force. After a few cracks and bangs, the black banners were entirely shattered. At this same moment, the cultivator surnamed Jian turned deathly pale from feeling his connection to the black banners sever.

“Demon! You dare to destroy my treasures?” The cultivator Jian shouted out in furious alarm, but his eyes betrayed a sliver of fear.

Although the others were unaware, he fully understood that the three black banners were desolate antiquities. It had previously dealt with many formidable opponents, but now, it had unexpectedly met its end in a freakish skull’s mouth.

At that same moment, Hu Yue’s thunderous lightning was drawn into the other skull’s mouth and was rendered completely ineffective.

Hu Yue and cultivator Jian took a mutual glance at each other and couldn’t help but feel an urge to retreat.

This had also left Han Li astonished, and he now realized why the eccentric dared to fight against a group of cultivators. He had much to rely on. Not only did he possess many magic treasures, but each of them possessed remarkable abilities. It seemed that if he did not lend them any assistance, they would suffer a great defeat and be forced to retreat.

Han Li didn’t wish for that development as he had spent several months of effort on breaking this great formation. He was unwilling to allow this outsider to spoil his efforts now that he was on the v

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