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Following Fairy Violet Spirit’s chilling words, the other cultivators focused their gazes towards where Elder Zhao and a middle-aged confucian scholar expressionlessly stood. The confucian scholar was another elder of the Exquisite Sound Sect that normally accompanied Zhuo Ruting at her side.

When this occurred, Lady Fan and Zhou Ruting thought of something and their expressions became extremely unsightly. Lady Fan’s complexion was the worse of the two, and she appeared both flustered and exasperated.

“Who is secretly spying over there?!” Eccentric Scarletflame suddenly shouted furiously. He then released a series of fiery lightning bolts from his cloud, which attacked a nearby area as if they were living snakes.

An originally desolate area suddenly darkened and a vast amount of black Qi bursted out, completely consuming the fiery lightning. A short youth then appeared in the aftermath.

‘Wu Chou!’ Han Li, who had stealthily retreated to the group’s rear, inwardly shouted this name upon seeing the youth.

At that moment, many of the other cultivators recognized the youth and also cried out in alarm. The members of the Hidden Fiend Sect fiercely stared at Wu Chou with even greater alarm. However, when the middle-aged sect leader saw Wu Chou, he wore a queer expression and revealed a faint trace of fear.

“Hehe! As expected of the famed Eccentric Scarletflame, you’re capable of seeing through this young master’s secret concealment technique.” Wu Chou swept his gaze past the other cultivators without a care and set his sights on the black cloud.

“Humph!” The black cloud snorted and didn’t say anything further, causing Wu Chou’s expression to darken.

“With you here, I don’t suppose this is a scheme by Zenith Yin Island?” Zhuo Ruting finally spoke after discovering that something was amiss.

“That’s right! This matter was planned by this young master. The valuables of your Exquisite Sound Sect were plundered by my sect’s men and your two elders were under my orders to shift the blame to the Hidden Fiend Sect!”

This was beyond their expectations! Wu Chou didn’t have any intention of concealing his plans and admitted to everything with a sneer. In addition, his eyes shifted around the violet-clothed woman’s body obscenely.

The violet-clothed woman merely looked emotionlessly back at Wu Chou in silence.

At that moment, Elder Zhao, the confucian scholar, and the cultivators that had just attacked suddenly flew towards Wu Chou’s side, joining Wu Chou in a three sided confrontation against Fairy Violet Spirit and the Hidden Fiend Sect.

Although Fairy Violet Spirit and Zhuo Ruting had long guessed the truth, their expressions still became far more serious.

“Elder Zhao, Elder Meng, our sect has always treated you two well. Why have you done this?” With a pale, bloodless complexion, Lady Fan couldn’t help but shout this out as Elder Zhao and the others flew towards their side.

In order to rival Zhuo Rut

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