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“Great success stage? Heh, that’s just the two sage’s wishful thinking. They didn’t even bother to consider why no one had truly cultivated the Divine Essencefused Light despite it having been so widespread in the Scattered Star Islands for countless years. Of course, it could be considered good luck for them if an Essencefused Mountain would unknowingly emerge from the ocean floor and be transported back to Heavenly Star City. But returning to the main point, the Divine Essencefused Light is something that can only be cultivated by relying on external objects. I completely suspect that the founder of this cultivation art wrote it as a joke. What cultivation art in this world could possibly control all five elements? In addition, their cultivation of this technique is completely meaningless. Even if they don’t succeed in cultivating this technique, their cultivation realm alone already makes them an exceptional existence in this world.” Grandmaster Zenith Yin refuted.

“I hope it is as Senior says!” Although Scarletflame was still somewhat worried, he could only agree.

“As for those who escaped, there were two from the eighteen that managed to break free from the Heavenwide Corpses, in addition to Fairy Violet Spirit and her sect’s envoys. This was quite unexpected!” Grandmaster Zenith Yin revealed a peculiar gaze as he stroked his short, thin beard.

“That’s right. Fairy Violet Spirit carried her sect protecting treasure on her: the Wood Dragon Tablet. By relying on its protection, she was able to bring herself and her sect envoys to safety. However, the other two who escaped were quite strange. From a distance, I saw that the two released a large number of human-like mechanical puppets. Although their offensive and defensive abilities were very lacking, being able to control over a hundred of them all at once was quite unusual.” Eccentric Scarletflame was also surprised and nodded his head in agreement.

“Let them be. There is no need to concern ourselves over two small fish! If I weren’t restricted by the limited amount of magic power I hold post possession, I would’ve been able to use other methods to prevent them from escaping before my eyes. Still, the most important goal has been fulfilled; the traitorous disciple has been captured. I will be bringing him back to find out where he took the ruined Heavenvoid Map.” Grandmaster Zenith Yin spoke indifferently as if he didn’t care in the slightest that Han Li and Crooked Soul had fled.

Having heard this, Eccentric Scarletflame let the matter drop. Not longer after, he said his farewells to Grandmaster Zenith Yin and flew off after turning into a black cloud.

After seeing Eccentric Scarletflame disappear into the horizon, Grandmaster Zenith Yin faintly sneered. He slowly extended his hand and relaxed his fingers, revealing a several-inch-large white ball of spiderwebs

As Zenith Yin gazed at the spidersilk, he revealed a strange, captivated expression.

“Bloodjade Sp

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