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“Profound Devil Yin Qi!” The Core Formation elders seemed to have recognized this black aura and shouted out in alarm. They quickly flew away as if they had seen a venomous scorpion.

The black aura didn’t pursue them and sank back into the ocean like a hissing snake, condensing into a black whirlwind at the side of the ice sphere containing the Infant Carp Beast.

The black wind gradually stopped to reveal a man and two women. The man was short, shriveled, thin, and had a young, black-pocked face. The women were well-endowed, gorgeous, and wearing a sleeveless short-skirt. However, they were enveloped with a dark, cold evil aura.

The two women were only late Foundation Establishment cultivators. Han Li was unable to see through the the grotesque, shriveled youth’s cultivation, and he was sure to be a Core Formation Cultivator.

Elder Miao clearly recognized this man and in his rage, he spoke near-incoherently, “Wu Chou!

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