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Han Li was on his way back to Deep Jade Island, as careful as he had always been. He completely understood that without his puppets or formation spells, it was extremely dangerous to rush through the Outer Star Seas.

Although they were easily able to deal with a grade five demon beast, if they were to catch the attention of a grade six demon beast or worse, it would be difficult to avoid death.

According to his estimations, the demon cores he had gathered should be more than enough to get him through the second or even third revolution of the Three Essence Revolutions Technique. His several hundred grade five spirit stones would net him a couple hundred thousands of spirit stones at the very least. The rare materials he had gathered alone would double the price.

However, Han Li wasn’t inspired by greed. This had all been done so that he may tread a bit farther in pursuit of the Immortal Dao. Thus, when it became increasingly dangerous to continue hunting demon beasts, he immediately decided to return.

As of now, he had traveled quite far into the Outer Star Seas. Had he not recorded all of the strange islands he had been to on his map, he might not have been able to find his way back.

Even if he knew the way back, Han Li’s return would still take several months of flight. He greatly valued his life and feared that he might encounter ferocious demon beasts on his way back or cultivators that may try to rob him.

Demon beasts shouldn’t prove to be problem. At most, they would just circle around him a bit, but they wouldn’t approach him too closely. But if he were to come across any malicious cultivators, they definitely wouldn’t let them go. His demon cores would be difficult to protect, let alone his fragile life!

As such, Han Li and Crooked Soul were highly vigilant during their journey. Whenever they encountered traces of other cultivators, they immediately hid or fled.

In this way, Han Li eventually arrived back on Deep Jade Island without any problems, allowing him to let out a huge breath of relief.

Han Li entered an extremely shabby, small street and found that apart from two shopkeepers being replaced, everything else had remained the same.

Not paying attention to any of the shopkeepers’ interested gazes, he walked towards the stone room with the transportation formation.

The Star Palace cultivator in the stone room had been replaced by a middle-aged man with a gentle face. Upon seeing Han Li and Crooked Soul enter the room, he faintly smiled, asking, “Do you two want to use the formation?”


Han Li dove onto his large bed and soon fell into a deep sleep.

As of current, he had already returned to his cave residence on the thirty-ninth layer of Heavenly Star City. As both his body and mind were fatigued, he was unable to deal with any other matters. He’d first deeply sleep for a few days before waking up with the energy he needed.

His journey through the Outer Star Seas had tired

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