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Were it a common late Core Formation cultivator, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the golden flames for even a quarter of an hour!

However, Han Li was anything but common!

At that moment, he stared at the golden flames surrounding him with a frown and slapped his storage pouch, taking out a small bottle.

Han Li glanced at the small bottle and let out a sigh. It was the Myriad Year Spirit Milk he had just acquired, and it already appeared that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer without it.

It was quite the cruel joke. Had he not acquired the spirit milk from Yuan Yao, he would’ve found himself in a dead end. But at the same time, were it not for this spirit milk, he wouldn’t have encountered Wen Tianren, a disciple of Archsaint Six Paths, and be in this situation!

Han Li felt extremely conflicted about how this situation had developed.

According to current situation, he was currently losing, but with the half bottle of Myriad Year Spirit Milk, he felt completely secure. Regardless of the golden light that trapped him or the golden flames that scorched around him, Wen Tianren was incapable of persevering without paying a heavy cost. If Wen Tianren wanted to compete in a battle of endurance, then victory assured for Han Li. Wen Tianren’s own actions were about to doom him!

With that thought in mind, a sneer momentarily appeared on Han Li’s face before he sat down inside the light barrier, preparing his counter attack once Wen Tianren had exhausted himself.

Consequentially, a baffling scene transpired. The air that had recently been filled with rolls of thunder and flashes of dazzling light had suddenly turned serene and peaceful. Wen Tianren and Han Li were both sitting down, forming their own incantation gestures in silence. However, the ten meter tall golden flames continued to burn.

When Fairy Violet spirit saw this, her luminous eyes shifted and she inwardly sighed.

From what she saw, Han Li was bound to be defeated as he was trapped within the golden flames. Although Han Li currently had a silver light barrier around him, she believed it would only provide temporary protection at most.

She stood there while wearing a complicated expression, but she had no intention of stepping forward. It appeared she didn’t intend to take any action until the battle between the two of them was concluded.

At that moment, the Mei siblings, Old Man Zhao and the other low grade cultivators were grouped together about fifty kilometers away from the island. Although they were too far away to see Han Li’s battle with Wen Tianren, they were able to see the brilliant flashes of light in the distance and hear the deafening explosions. This alone had left them greatly alarmed.

They had mistakenly believed that this was caused by a battle between the Core Formation cultivator on the island and the white silhouette. As such, they hadn’t dared to leave, but now that all signs of fighting had disappeared, they were

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