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“You’re giving the Myriad Year Spirit Milk to me as a gift?” Han Li was astonished upon hearing her.

“That’s right! Although the Myriad Year Spirit Milk could be considered extremely precious, it cannot be compared with Brother Han’s life-saving rescue. Could it be that Brother Han believes that I am the sort of woman who doesn’t know how to repay kindness?” Yuan Yao bit her lip as she started to twirl a fine strand of hair around her finger.

Han Li was hesitant as he said, “No, it’s just...”

When Yuan Yao heard this, her eyes brightened and she smiled, “We are fellow survivors of Heavenvoid Hall, and now you’ve saved my life once again. There is no need for Brother Han to address me as an outsider and always call me ‘Fellow Daoist’.” Yuan Yao chuckled after saying this, but she soon thought of something and a blush appeared on her face, emphasizing her beauty.

When Han Li saw her captivating expression, he couldn’t help but blankly stare at her for a time.

Yuan Yao’s blush deepened when she saw Han Li staring at her, turned her head to the side as if to avoid his gaze.

A while later, Han Li took a deep breath and said, “Since Miss Yuan Yao has said this, I won’t act so unfamiliar and will call you by your esteemed name.”

He then casually picked up the small bottle and opened it to see that it was truly the Myriad Year Spirit Milk.

With a trace of joy, Han Li placed the bottle into his storage pouch. Then after some slight hesitation, Han Li took out two small, white jade bottles and pushed them towards Yuan Yao.

Yuan Yao blinked and said with slight confusion, “What are those?”

Han Li calmly replied, “These two bottles contain medicine pills for progressing one’s magic power, and will assuredly aid you in your future cultivation. Consider them as an exchange of gifts.”

Yuan Yao paused for a moment and then pursed her lips in a smile as she looked at the two white jade bottles, “I’ve already said that the spirit milk was a present to you, but Brother Han still took out two bottles of medicine pills to give me. You’re making me quite embarrassed.”

Han Li glanced at her and smiled before saying, “There is no need for Miss Yuan to feel embarrassed! These two bottles of medicine pills were refined from the cores of grade six demon beasts. With Miss Yuan’s current cultivation at the peak of early Core formation stage, these pills will allow you to smoothly enter the mid Core Formation stage.”

Yuan Yao’s smile suddenly turned into an expression of shock, “Medicine pills refined from grade six demon cores?”

She immediately grabbed a bottle and opened the lid. Pure spiritual Qi was released from the bottle, much to Yuan Yao’s delighted surprise.

Yuan Yao’s hand tightly held onto the bottle and said in an embarrassed manner, “I could refuse anything else, but due to desperation, I’m afraid that this little woman will have to shamefully accept these two bottles of medicine pills.”

The two bo

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