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Without much effort, Han Li spotted the owner of the voice. About forty meters in front of him, there was a young, black-clothed woman sitting cross-legged on a stone platform.

The woman had a graceful appearance, but her complexion was deathly pale and her luminous eyes seemed to glow with sparkling light. Han Li was shocked to see that one of her sleeves was empty. She was missing an arm.

Before Han Li said anything, the young woman revealed shock upon seeing Han Li release his magic treasures.

The young woman chuckled and her bright eyes stirred. “So it turned out that your esteemed self wasn’t a Qi Condensation Junior, but a Core Formation cultivator. Your Qi Restraint Technique is truly impressive. It even tricked me for a moment.”

As she sat, the Snowcloud Fox was comfortably sitting in her lap and was curiously examining Han Li with an intelligent gaze.

After sweeping his spiritual sense past her, Han Li’s heart trembled. “So it turned out that this was Senior’s hidden cultivation area. I am truly lacking in manners.”

She appeared to be rather open and allowed his spiritual sense to easily sweep past her. He wasn’t able to discover the slightest spiritual Qi fluctuations. From what he had gathered based on her abilities and tone, this indicated that her cultivation was truly too great, not that she had some sort of cultivation concealing treasure.

Han Li grew greatly vigilant.

As Han Li pondered over how to deal with the situation, the young woman raised her flawless pale hand and caressed the Snowcloud Fox. She leisurely said, “It appears that your age is quite young yet you’ve already reached late Core Formation stage. That is quite exceptional.”

Han Li took a deep breath and calmly said, “Senior flatters me. Junior was only able to reach this stage through sheer luck. Might I know Senior’s esteemed name?”

The young woman sighed and said, “My name isn’t anything special. If I said it, you wouldn’t know of it. Let alone you, even this generation’s Nascent Soul cultivators wouldn’t know of it.”

When Han Li heard this, he felt a bitter taste in his mouth. Could it be that this young woman was an old eccentric that had remained isolated in her cultivation?

Although Han Li’s heart grew cold, he didn’t reveal the slightest trace of panic. After all, he now possessed a great number of secret techniques, especially the recently learned Bloodshadow Evasion Technique. With this, Han Li no longer held much fear towards Nascent Soul cultivators. Of course, Han Li knew he’d be no match for one in a fight, but he was confident he could escape. However, the aftermath of igniting a large quantity of blood essence would force him to remain in secluded cultivation for many years.

That being said, Han Li had no idea why this mysterious character had hidden herself beneath the three sects. Was it because she had some sort of plot in mind, or was she like himself, only wishing to cultivate in a place with

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