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Han Li frowned for a moment before calmly saying, “Fellow Daoist Mei, since we arrived here together, it could be considered that there is some destiny between us. Since Lady Mei already mentioned it, I won’t conceal it any longer. I feel that I am somewhat able to climb Stormwind Mountain. Regardless of whether it’s the flying umbra beasts that circle the mountain or the hallucinogenic mist, I have methods of dealing with them. However, these methods will only work for me alone. I do not have the skill to bring along anyone else as I would only be able to take care of myself when danger approaches. Fellow Daoist Mei would be certain to die. Since you are so young, it would be better to stay here. Perhaps there will be another opportunity to leave in the future!”

The final sentence was supposed to comfort her, but when Han Li heard himself say it, he couldn’t help but feel that it sounded quite artificial. However, he had been speaking the truth.

Mei Ning’s face instantly paled and she bit her lips in silence.

When Han Li saw the woman turn silent, he sighed and closed his eyes once more.

To tell the truth, he didn’t have a bad impression of Mei Ning. Were she capable enough, he may have provided assistance. But as of right now, Han Li couldn’t afford to increase the burden to himself. He could only still his heart and leave the woman behind. Fortunately, even if she was left behind in the Umbra Realm, she wouldn’t have too difficult a life. At worst, her path of Immortal cultivation had come an end. He didn’t have anything to feel guilty about!

The room settled into silence. After an unknown amount of time passed, Han Li believed that the woman was crestfallen. When he was about to drift off to sleep, he suddenly heard her say, “If I can temporarily restore a bit of your magic power, would you be able to bring me out?”

“What?” Han Li’s eyes shot open and he stared at the woman with disbelief. His sleepiness had completely disappeared.

Mei Ning had her hands wrapped around her knees as she sat on the bed. Her face turned to the side as if she hadn’t spoken.

Just as Han Li was doubting whether or not he had misheard, the woman stretched her body out and raised her head with determination clear in her eyes. “I have a method to temporarily restore a bit of magic power to Brother Han. Although it will last only a moment, it should be of great assistance when Han Li climbs the mountain. However, in addition to taking me away from this land, I have another condition for my assistance.”

After Mei Ning said this, her expression appeared strange, causing Han Li to feel slight doubt.

Han Li stared at the woman and spoke with a heavy tone, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but even a Nascent Soul cultivator was trapped here, incapable of restoring his abilities. Is Fellow Daoist Mei joking?”

At that moment, his expression was filled with doubt, but it also contained a trace of hope. If he could temporarily res

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