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Countless Gold Devouring Beetles rushed out from Han Li’s storage pouch before instantly forming into a huge tri-colored cloud. The beetle swarm was about a hundred meters wide and emitted an astonishing pressure.

“Yi!” A distant yell of fright was heard in response.

Han Li’s eyes coldly glinted as his gaze fell onto the gorgeous, young woman.

The woman was covering her small, delicate mouth while her eyes revealed astonishment. Han Li was surprised when he noticed that her expression seemed to hold an inexplicable hint of joy.

Han Li was momentarily distracted by her inexplicable display when two massive rumbles erupted and tore his attention back to the battle at hand. He hastily turned his gaze back to the purple clouds in alarm. An ancient copper shield that glowed with white light had left the azure clouds and easily blocked the strikes of his two huge swords.

Han Li inwardly sighed at this, as he still hadn't taken much time to temper the flying swords. He had relied on the extraordinary quality of materials of the swords to overwhelm the magic treasures of common cultivators. But now that he had reached late Core Formation stage, the might of his magic treasures had clearly fallen behind those of his peers. Even when merging them together, his flying swords didn’t pose much of a threat to cultivators of a similar grade.

As these thoughts surged through his mind, he had his two flying swords continue to strike the violet cloud regardless of their efficacy, but the ancient shield was able to block every strike with ease.

At that moment, Han Li released a series of low-pitched whistles, causing his Gold Devouring Beetles to hum for a moment before swarming towards the purple cloud en masse. Although he didn’t know what the purple cloud was made of, it would still be consumed by the Gold Devouring Beetles all the same.

Seeing that huge cloud of insects suddenly appear, Wen Tianren couldn’t help but coldly snort in disdain, “Humph! Insect techniques? You’re courting death!”

When Han Li heard this he immediately felt a surge of joy. If Wen Tianren treated his Gold Devouring Beetles as common insects, then when the swarm of beetles arrived at the purple cloud his death was practically assured.

Han Li inwardly sneered, but just as the insect swarm arrived at the purple clouds, Wen Tianren suddenly shouted, “Go!”

An astonishing scene then occurred!

A golden light suddenly burst forth from the purple cloud and countless gold threads shot out. The gold threads shot into the swarm of Gold Devouring Beetles. Then in the wake of of several loud cracks, dead beetles began to fall from the sky like a heavy rain.

The gold threads had actually overwhelmed the Gold Devouring Beetles. The beetles were greatly resistant against the strikes of magic treasures, but against these golden threads, they were completely defenseless.

When Han Li saw this, he was overwhelmed by furious alarm. He hastily released

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