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When Feng Xi saw Han Li within the transportation formation, his eyes widened and his face twitched. Although he had been confused as to why Han Li would seek his own destruction by hiding on this small island, it was beyond his wildest dreams for a transportation formation to be there. Before his eyes, Han Li cast a series of hand incantations and spat out a mouthful of blood essence. He was sparing none of his true essence to hasten the activation of the transportation formation, which had already begun to hum

“NO!” Feng Xi furiously roared. He instantly opened his mouth and fiercely shot a ball of azure light towards a corner of the formation. If the formation was broken before the activation completed, Han Li was as good as his.

Immediately after unleashing the attack, Feng Xi’s body blurred as he madly rushed at the formation with a fervent bloodlust in a desperate attempt to interrupt Han Li’s teleportation.

However, he was too late.

Han Li responded to his attack by shooting over ten streaks of sword Qi to slow down the ball of azure light. As for Feng Xi’s mad charge, Han Li didn’t possess the slightest intention to dodge. The spell formation had already begun to shine with a dense white light, enveloping Han Li within it.

When Feng Xi arrived in front of the transportation formation in his mad rush, Han Li had already disappeared from within the light in a series of blurs.

With neither a displacement talisman on hand nor knowledge of where the transportation formation led to, Feng Xi was forced to abandon his pursuit.

At that moment, Swift Crane flew in through the shattered ceiling. After seeing the faint glow of white light from the formation, his expression immediately revealed both fury and amazement.

Unfortunately for Swift Crane, his sudden appearance had made him the new target of Feng Xi’s gaze. Killing intent began to emanate from his blood-red eyes.

“All the humans here... WILL DIE!” Brimming with rage after Han Li escaped right before his eyes, Feng Xi brutally shouted. His entire body blazed with an azure light, and instantly turned into a streak of azure light, pouncing towards Swift Crane in a display of overbearing ferocity!

Swift Crane’s expression massively changed at the sudden change of events and he instinctively threw out his ancient mirror and jade hammer in panic.

Beams of different colors burst forth from the cave and intertwined as they shone down upon the previously tranquil island.


A month later, the human cultivators in the nearby seas heard that the Nascent Soul cultivator Daoist Master Swift Crane fleshly body had been exterminated by a grade nine demon beast. In order to survive, he had to exhaust the entirety of his body to transport his Nascent Soul back to his cave residence. For a while after this event human cultivators were left trembling in fear at the demon beast’s viciousness.

However, none of them could’ve expected that such a momentous

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