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Han Li had anticipated that the medicine pills would eventually lose their effect on him. While medicine pills are able to rapidly progress one’s cultivation, it possessed its own flaws. When one’s magic power reached a certain level, the original medicine pills would lack the medicinal power to be effective. Additionally, with his meridians being purified from the lingering effects of the rainbow beads and his continuously increases in magic power, Han Li became capable of absorbing more spiritual power in one instance. He had reached a stage where his speed at absorbing Heaven-Earth spiritual Qi was nearly the same as absorbing spiritual power from medicine pills.

Of course, this resulted in medicine pills gradually losing their original efficacy. Consequently, even if Han Li took a large amount of Foundation Establishment level pills they would have no effect on him.

However, his current predicament with the ineffective pills was caused from him crossing through entirely different worlds. This was something he couldn’t have possibly anticipated.

Both the jade slips and the Nascent Soul cultivator’s experiences both mentioned that while grade six demon cores might’ve no longer been useful, grade seven demon core medicine pills should be effective before a Nascent Soul is formed. However, they now had hardly any effect on him.

After some careful thought, he could only accept that the medicine pills had lost their effectiveness earlier than anticipated and he had finally become resistant to medicine again.

Of course, Han Li guessed that this also may have something to do with either Feng Xi’s Jadefire Wine or Mei Ning’s Transient Spirit Qi.

One was an item that humans should’ve never been able to drink while the other was one known to be one of the seven purest spiritual Qi in the world. It would be quite ordinary for their use to have repercussions.

Since these circumstances have already occurred, there was no point in investigating the true cause of the loss of medicinal effectiveness since it could no longer be changed. He was unwilling to spend a large amount of effort on something that would be fruitless. Instead, he began to think of plans for the future.

He still had the demon core of the grade eight flood dragon in his hand. But since it was such a precious material that could hardly be found, he was completely unwilling to refine it into a medicine pill since there was such a high chance of failure. Additionally, this would result in only one or two pills; it wouldn’t be enough to bring him to false Nascent stage.

As a result, his only choice was to strenuously cultivate to increase his magic power a bit at a time just like everyone else. It was just that he hadn’t experienced such slow progress for quite a long time.

With that thought, Han Li couldn’t help but bitterly smile.

Fortunately, he was only a short distance away from reaching the peak Core Formation stage. He figured that if he was

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