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Recalling the stories about the Cadaver Demon’s incredibly durable body, Han Li felt slight dejection. According to the rumors, he could only use true fire to slowly burn the corpse or extract the soul and seal it.

The Cadaver Demon clearly wasn’t dead. It was merely restrained for the time being by the unknown golden talisman. He reckoned it would take quite a while before the Cadaver Demon would be able to recover its strength.

With that thought, Han Li’s gaze fell onto the jade box at the corpse demon’s side. Since it had suppressed the Cadaver Demon and still hadn’t burned to ash, it must be a seal of sorts.

From how closely related the jade box was to the Cadaver Demon and the golden talisman that sealed it, it stands to reason that the box must’ve contained the Cadaver Demon’s soul.

But in that case, why was the the Cadaver Demon able to control its body? It had also managed to nearly deceive Han Li into opening the jade box with its great intelligence. Could it be that the soul extraction was incomplete and that a remnant of the soul remained inside her body?

Also, why did the Cadaver Demon have a jade spirit well in its possession? Did it acquire it after it was trapped?

As Han Li was puzzling over this, he frowned and sank into deep thought.

After a short moment, Han Li bluntly tossed the useless question away and began to look around for a way to leave.

He would need to be at least at the Nascent Soul stage to be able to burn away the Cadaver Demon with true fire. Additionally, it would take several months at the very least. Even if Han Li had the cultivation to do so, he wouldn’t waste the time or effort on such a fruitless task.

He’d rather just get as far away from here as possible and have the Cadaver Demon continue to remain in isolation.

As for any unwitting cultivators in the future that wandered in here? That wasn’t any of his business.

As for whenever the Cadaver Demon escaped from here, the great sects nearby could deal with it instead.

But in the end, Han Li’s gaze fell onto the jade box once more.

After glancing at the jade box with the golden talisman several times, he hesitated for a moment before taking it into his hand. Afterwards, he placed it into his storage pouch with an unchanged expression.

The golden talisman on the jade box had released truly peculiar talisman characters. He planned on giving it a proper examination later on.

As for whether or not he would open the box, that decision would be left for once he finished condensing a Nascent Soul. At that point, he would be completely safe from any harmful spirit it may contain. With the Divine Devilbane Lightning, the Weeping Soul Beast, and a Nascent Soul cultivation, he would have nothing to fear.

Han Li waved the jade scepter in his hand and the light barrier around him suddenly disappeared, revealing the yellow wolf. He intended on having it use the earth movement technique to open a path through

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