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Not long after, Mei Ning heard the sound of soft and heavy footsteps slowly drawing closer to them. She nervously glanced at Han Li, who seemed to notice her gaze and gently smiled in response.

Mei Ning unconsciously blushed and quickly focused her eyes away from Han Li, but she felt somewhat relieved as well.

As the footsteps grew clearer, Han Li could hear the faint gasps of two people, much to his surprise.

Han Li frowned and a trace of killing intent glinted within his eyes.

Suddenly, the thick fog parted and revealed a young man with his head held high. He had an elegant face and wore a jade band around his waist that faintly appeared to shine with white light.

However, when the man caught sight of Han Li, his face immediately distorted as he shouted in alarm, “It’s you!?”

This man was the disciple of Archsaint Six Paths, Wen Tianren.

Han Li expressionlessly said, “That’s right, it’s me. You can now rest in peace!” With a flicker of azure light, Han Li tossed the dagger into the center of Weh Tianren’s chest.

Peng!The dagger was easily knocked away as if it had struck metal. The torn clothes revealed a faint flicker of green light.

“Inner armor?”

Han Li was somewhat surprised that his strike was ineffective, but he snorted and waved his other hand, throwing another azure streak. This time, it was aimed at Wen Tianren’s throat.

At that moment, Wen Tianren reacted and dodged in alarm, his body evading the dagger in a blur. Just as the dagger missed, he shot into the fog behind him. It appeared his body was quite vigorous.

With yet another attack missing, Han Li merely glanced at Wen Tianren’s fleeing figure. He remained still with a sneer on his face.

When Wen Tianren quickly turned his head around and saw Han Li’s expression, he immediately felt that something was amiss and he turned around in a blur. But by then, it was already too late. He felt a piercing cold wind on the back of his neck followed by an icy sensation where the dagger struck him. The semi-transparent string of beast tendon that was tied around the dagger hilt was stretched taut.

A stream of blood then began to flow from Wen Tianren’s corpse. His eyes remained wide open during his last moments as if he couldn’t believe that he had died in this manner.

Han Li expressionlessly shook his right hand with his finger pulling on the taut tendon. The dagger then obediently flew out from Wen Tianren’s neck and returned to his palm. At that moment, Han Li turned his gaze back into the dense fog and narrowed his eyes.

A slim figure then slowly appeared from the fog, revealing a gorgeous young woman dressed in white.

The woman smiled sweetly at Han Li and said, “Brother Han! I didn’t think that we’d meet again.”

“Lady Violet Spirit!” Han Li nodded with a calm expression and had his two daggers disappear into his sleeves with a shake of his hands.

Naturally, Han Li knew Fairy Violet Spirit’s greatly changed appe

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