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Before Senior Martial Wang and the other two descended, the youth surnamed Ma had already placed his finger on the white fox’s nose and angrily cursed, “Damn! This thing isn’t breathing! Don’t tell me that it died for nothing.”

With that said, he raised his head to the three and was about to say something more with an angry face.

The three that were descending suddenly had their expressions greatly changed as they shouted, “Careful! The demon fox is alive! It was only playing dead!”

The three all shouted different words, but their meanings were all the same.

The short and stout youth was rather quick-witted, and his expression abruptly changed upon hearing them. His hand instantly blurred and a white talisman appeared between his fingers. He fiercely slapped the talisman onto the fox’s tail.

However, his actions were clearly too slow. As soon as he extended his hand holding the talisman, he felt a sharp pain coming out from the hand that held onto the fox.

He loudly shouted as he unconsciously released his grip. The fox slipped away and rolled onto the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the fox’s tail had become erect and its fur became the same as needles. The youth’s hand was now filled with holes and dripping with blood.

When the other three saw this, they flew towards the small beast in furious alarm.

The white fox wasn’t about to easily be captured. It scuttled away and turned into a white streak as it shot forty meters away. With several hops, it fled back into the shrubbery.

In a moment of desperation, Senior Martial Brother Wang and the other two surrounded the bush and released their magic tools as they slowly combed through it.

But after a short moment, the three revealed astonishment. Apart from a pile of stones, there was nothing else in the bushes. The white fox had clearly disappeared without a trace. The three then despondently stood in place.

Kui Huan unconsciously turned his gaze to the sky and shouted in alarm, “Yi! Where is Junior Martial Brother Han going?” At that moment, the others also discovered that Han Li was quickly flying off into the distance.

Han Li’s voice transmission soon arrived at their ear, “There is no need for Senior Martial Brothers to be so flustered. That fox slipped away using a vision obscuring technique and dug into the earth. Right now, I am using a magic tool to track it down. Once it comes back up, I’ll capture it alive.” With that said, Han Li flew off towards the edge of the marsh.

When Senior Martial Brother Wang heard him, he grew delighted and called out to the others before impatiently chasing after Han Li. The other three were close behind him.

As they hurried along their way, Senior Martial Brother Wang turned his head around and asked, “Junior Martial Brother Ma, how is your hand?”

The short, stout youth was at the very rear. He muttered with a shameful expression, “It’s still good. Fortunately, the fox’s tail didn’t have any poi

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