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After hearing their offer to take control of the village, Han Li indifferently asked, “So you wish to seize power?”

The red-faced old man spoke with a strange emotion flickering within his eyes, “That’s right, how can cultivators like us serve at the beck and call of those so-called elders? We should be the elders of the village, not those mortals. I am a grand Foundation Establishment cultivator. It is unbearable to have been controlled by mortals for this long. Because we had too few cultivators, we didn’t dare to take action, but with the addition of you two, success will be very likely.”

Han Li swept his gaze over the three and expressionlessly said, “I’m not interested. Please return. I’ll pretend that this discussion never took place.”

Han Li’s response had greatly shocked them. The long-haired old man then forced a smile and further attempted to persuade him, “Does Fellow Daoist truly wish to become an inhabitant of this village? So long as we seize the positions of elders in the village, the power will be divided amongst us few. As a result, even if the conditions are poor, we can act freely.”

Han Li stroked his chin and serenely said, “I think that you Fellow Daoists are misunderstanding something. The two of us never said we intended on staying in this village. We will be leaving in two days. As such, your words are based on nothing more than a fantasy. Lady Mei and I will have nothing to do with the matter.”

After a moment of shock, the long-haired old man couldn’t help but say, “Leaving? Are you two searching for another village since you are unsatisfied with this one? You two might not know this, but our village is the among the best villages in the area. The other villages’ conditions are far worse than ours.”

Han Li smiled and lightly shook his head in silence.

The hunchbacked old man wore a look of astonishment when he came to a realization. “Could it be that you two intend on climbing Stormwind Mountain?”

Han Li smiled and said, “What’s wrong? Since we are unwilling to remain here, is there anything strange about wanting to leave?”

With an odd expression on his face, the red-faced old man twirled his beard and said, “This isn’t something that is merely strange. Don’t you two realize that Stormwind Mountain is extremely dangerous?”

Han Li looked at him and flatly said, “Although I don’t know much about it, I’ve gained an approximate understanding from the chief elder.”

The hunchbacked old man’s face contorted several times before he fearlessly said, “Humph! What does he know of the Stormwind Mountain’s fearsomeness? He probably only knows from hearsay, but Fellow Daoist Yun and I have personally experienced the true terror of Stormwind Mountain. It isn’t something that cultivators can face without magic power. The tremendously powerful umbra beasts that surround the mountain are an instant death sentence if you alarm them. Even if you manage to luckily slip past them, the violent Yin w

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