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Mei Peiling had continuously treated Han Li with a neutral indifference during her visits, as he prefered. It would be best for him to have this woman forget that this medicinal garden even existed. If she stopped paying him any visits, it would be very convenient for his cultivation.

After yet another month passed, Han Li had finally grasped a near complete understanding of the Spirit Constraining Formation and immediately placed one down around the mountain in accordance to his understanding.

As a result, the faint spiritual Qi fluctuations of the spell formations had completely vanished. From the outside, the small mountain appeared completely ordinary, much to Han Li’s satisfaction.

In the next three months, Han Li had both fully refined the Weeping Soul Pearl to completion and expelled the Wind Spirit Energy in its entirety, far quicker than he had originally expected. But what surprised Han Li the most was how he didn’t feel any illness or headaches upon connecting his spiritual sense to the Weeping Soul Pearl when he completely refined it. It seemed that the Weeping Soul Beast’s unexpected evolution had also caused the deathly Weeping Soul Pearl to also undergo a strange transformation. Han Li was overjoyed by the discovery.

As for the harmful Wind Spirit Energy, although it had been difficult and exhausting to expel it from his body, once he had expelled a majority of it, it had become far easier to deal with. Not only was the harmful energy less painful to handle, but he was able to expel it from his body in much less time. The last several strands of energy had been extremely easy to rid himself of.

After carefully examining his body several times to find no abnormalities, Han Li eventually felt relief.

With the most vital matters already taken care of, Han Li focused his attention to cultivation and the medicine pill refined from the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng.

He pondered for several days on the matter of cultivation before deciding to simultaneously cultivate the fourth layer of the Great Development Technique and the Azure Essence Sword Arts. According to his previous experiences with forming a golden core, a powerful spiritual sense seemed to greatly benefit in breaking through bottlenecks. Even if the fourth layer of the Great Development Technique was extremely difficult, Han Li planned on giving it a try.

Even if spiritual sense didn’t provide a particularly large benefit in condensing a Nascent Soul, it would at least prove greatly beneficial when confronting an enemy.

While this path may somewhat increase the time it would take to reach the false Nascent stage, Han Li didn’t believe the choice was incorrect as he would only lose a bit of time at the worst.

As for the matter of refining the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng, Han Li couldn’t afford to be negligent. While the other materials were easily replaced, the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng, the grade eight Demon Echo Grass and the Agate Horn were now

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