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When Han Li heard what was being said he was stunned, but he soon found himself unsure whether he should laugh or cry.

He eventually realized that the speaker was the middle-aged man surnamed Feng. Han Li finally knew the reason he was so hostile towards him. The man mistakenly believed that Han Li and Mei Ning had some sort of intimate relationship because they had arrived together.

However, it was no surprise to Han Li that this Elder Feng would feel his heart stir upon seeing Mei Ning. The women in the village that he had seen weren’t beautiful in the least.

While Mei Ning wasn’t on par with country-shattering beauties such as Yuan Yao or Fairy Violet Spirit, she was still exceptionally gorgeous by all accounts. With the addition of her many years of cultivation, she possessed an alluring aura that mortals couldn’t possibly match.

“I can pretend that I didn’t hear that. I am a cultivator, I can’t marry a mortal. Please leave.” To Han Li’s surprise, Mei Ning was unwavering even while alone and spoke with a blunt coldness.

The middle-aged man grew enraged at Mei Ning’s refusal and his tone grew sinister, “Humph! It seems Lady Mei still doesn’t realize the situation she is in. This is the Umbra Realm, and your status as a cultivator has no value here. Perhaps commoners might hold some reverence towards you, but in my eyes, without any umbra beast gems you are merely an ordinary mortal. Could it be that you truly believe your male companion would be able to fight me? My martial arts were unrivaled in the entire Four Crest Seas. If I wanted to kill him, who could stop me?”

It was beyond Mei Ning’s imagination that a mortal would dare to threaten her and her voice began to tremble, “You dare to threaten me?”

“Of course I dare. Why wouldn’t I?”

“What do you intend...”

Not knowing what the man would do, Mei Ning suddenly yelled out in terror.

When Han Li heard this, he rubbed his nose and bitterly chuckled in his mind. Although it could be said that he had no prior relationship with the woman, she was still a fellow cultivator that was trapped in the Umbra Realm just like him. He wasn’t so heartless that he could ignore her current plight.

With that thought, Han Li wryly smiled.Bang!Before Mei Ning screamed a second time, he kicked open the room and confidently walked in.

Mei Ning was pushed into a corner of the room by the middle-man surnamed Feng. When he heard the door burst open, his evil grin was replaced with a look of astonishment.

When he saw that Han Li was the one who entered, his expression quickly grew sullen.

When Mei Ning saw Han Li, her pale expression immediately brightened as she ran out of the corner to Han Li’s side.

The woman managed to regain her bearings and immediately warned, “Fellow Daoist Han, be careful. That man wishes to do you harm!”

Without turning his head away from the man surnamed Feng, he calmly said, “Relax! I heard what he said from outside the room

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