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As Han Li flew, he continued to use his magic power to suppress the flare ups from the wind spirit energy. However, his body still trembled from the effort, and it was becoming more difficult to control with each flare.

The current situation filled Han Li with dread. He now suspected that the reason why Feng Xi hadn’t used the wind spirit energy more frequently during the previous chase was likely due to a combination of his exhaustion from refining the magic treasure and the backlash from the green liquid. Had these intense flare ups occurred back then, events would’ve played out much differently. However, upon seeing the small island in the distance, Han Li grew relieved.

Although it had taken him two days to arrive at the small island in the past, it now only took the majority of a day while flying at his top speed. So long as the transportation had been finished by the time he arrived, he would be able to return to the Inner Star Seas without harm. Although he would have to guard against a few Nascent Soul eccentrics, it was better than being relentlessly chased down by the metamorphosed demon beast, Feng Xi.

While these thoughts bounced around in Han Li’s mind, he heard a voice transmission from behind him.

Swift Crane said in a slow, calm and gentle voice, “Fellow Daoist Han, this humble Daoist holds no malicious intentions. I only wish to exchange for a Heavenmend Pill. There is no need for Fellow Daoist to flee with such intensity.” Truly, his words felt sincere, kind, and lacking any hint of maliciousness. Normally, one would feel quite favorable toward such a voice.

However, Han Li wasn’t moved in the slightest by his tone or words, and inwardly cursed upon hearing them. Due to his decreased speed from switching to the blood-red cloak from the Thunderstorm Wings, Han Li could once again see Swift Crane’s light in the distance whenever he looked behind him.

As soon as the old Daoist had entered within range of him, he started using some sort of abnormal technique to continuously send Han Li bewitching messages filled with enticement in an attempt to slow him down. During a moment of carelessness, Han Li had nearly been affected by the technique. Fortunately, the Great Development Technique had automatically activated and protected him, promptly clearing his mind. Although he had managed to avoid falling into Swift Crane’s trap, Han Li still felt his body break out in a cold sweat.

It appeared that even Nascent Soul cultivators were adept in the usage of bewitchment techniques. Swift Crane’s own techniques far surpassed Lady Fan’s; they were even on par with Yuan Yao’s. As for the old Daoist’s promises that he merely wanted to trade for a Heavenmend Pill and meant him no harm, Han Li would have to be touched in the head to truly believe that.

As Han Li saw the small island growing closer, he didn’t dare to delay his departure and streaked towards the island with a flourish of sparkling red light.

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