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Han Li and the other Qi Condensation cultivators weren't surprised by the information regarding the tests, and were brought to Dayspring mountain by the valiant youth surnamed Yu.

They met many cultivators along the way with most of them being at Qi Condensation. When they saw their guide, they respectfully saluted him. It appeared the youth had quite the reputation in the Drifting Cloud Sect.

They only came across one other Foundation Establishment cultivator, a yellow-robed man with a thin face and sharp ears. He flew up from Dayspring Mountain, but when he caught sight of the youth surnamed Yu, he smiled and called out to him, "Junior Martial Brother Yu, are these six newly arrived disciples? It seems there weren't that many this time around!" While he acted quite familiar with the youth, the others were able to see that he held hidden motives.

The handsome youth unconsciously frowned upon seeing the yellow-robed cultivator. Regardless, he calmly replied, “So it turned out to be Senior Martial Brother Yan! These people still need to be examined with truth techniques and be introduced to the sect master before they become official disciples. They are still only candidates."

The yellow-robed cultivator chuckled and said, “So its like that. However, Junior Martial Brother should know that my talisman refinement division still needs disciples. Do you think you could send two of these cultivators to me?"

At that moment, his eyes focused on the group behind the young man.

Han Li's expression was calm, but he felt quite disgusted from the gaze. From the way he looked at them and the tone he used, he certainly wanted to work them to the bone.

When the other cultivators heard him, their expressions slightly changed. It seemed they also didn't have a favorable impression of him.

"Senior Martial Brother Yan, that is not something I can decide. You should know that the allocation of disciples is decided by the sect master. If Senior Martial Brother feels that he doesn't have enough disciples for his talisman refinement division, you may bring it up with the Sect Master. Since Senior Martial Brother Miao is still waiting for me at the acceptance residence, I can't keep you company any longer." The youth surnamed Yu seemed to understand the yellow-robed cultivator's deceitful nature and immediately refused his request. After uttering an excuse, he stomped on his magic tool and brought the group of cultivators down to the pavilion below.

The yellow-robed cultivator thought to further hold him back, but after hearing the youth mention Senior Martial Brother Miao, he revealed slight hesitation and allowed him to go.

After watching the youth and company enter the pavilion from a distance away, his expression fluctuated. After lowering his head in thought for a moment, he coldly snorted and flew off to a different mountain in a streak of yellow light.

At that moment, the group had already arrived on the first floor o

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