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Shock was clear in Han Li’s eyes as he fell towards the rocks a hundred meters below him. He abruptly twisted his body and bent his waist at a strange angle before kicking his feet out behind him. This caused him to shoot towards a large tree nearby before steadily coming to stand on one of its branches.

Han Li’s head was lined with cold sweat after his near fall. Fortunately, the Shifting Smoke Steps didn’t require any spiritual power to use. Otherwise, he would’ve just met his end by falling to his death. If a Core Formation cultivator were to actually die by falling, they’d become a laughingstock! Of course, many of the nearby Foundation Establishment cultivators weren’t as fortunate as Han Li and were certain to have suffered.

When Han Li finally regained his bearings, he heard a series of clangs from the distance. He quickly turned his head in that direction with a changed expression. Sure enough, the clangs came from the two sets of Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords that he hadn’t taken into his body. Not far to their side were the eight sided mirrors, the ancient flower basket, and the small silver bell. At the moment, they were all completely devoid of life as if their spiritual nature had disappeared.

Han Li’s heart trembled and he hastily tried to release a thread of spiritual sense to inspect the treasures, however his heart immediately grew cold. No matter how hard he tried, his immensely powerful spiritual sense now remained motionless within his body.

Han Li’s blood ran cold as both his magic power and spiritual sense were now incapable of being used. He was now no different than an ordinary mortal. Let alone his magic abilities, his storage pouch and his spirit beast pouches were now useless as well.

He turned around and paled upon seeing that the overflowing black mist had already filled the nearby skies.

With his current speed as a mortal, there would be no chance of him outrunning the ghost mist. After reflecting on the current situation with a gloomy expression, he gritted his teeth and his body blurred. He then appeared beside the lifeless treasures and frantically gathered them all into his arms.

Because he currently had no way of using his storage pouch, he could only hold the items close to his chest. Fortunately, they weren’t too large, otherwise Han Li would’ve been incapable of carrying all of them.

At the same time that Han Li was gathering up the treasures, the endless black fog suddenly descended onto the small island.

Han Li felt an immense attractive force coming in the direction of the mist, and before he even realized what was happening, he was already being sucked in.

Han Li was overwhelmed by shock and shifted his body several times, hoping to use his Shifting Smoke Steps to escape, but it proved completely ineffective. A moment later, he had been absorbed into the pitch-black mist and found himself among several flashes of black lightning that instantly wrapped around his body.

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